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They Will Show You What It Takes To Build Your Dream Body (40 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   18 May 2017   / 6054 views

3 Years Of Transformation

2 Years Progress

6 Months, 24 Years Old, From 137lbs To 160lbs

4 Years And 40 Pound Difference

4.5 Month Body Transformation

From 42 Kg To 53 Kg. When I First Started Working Out I Just Transformed My Obsession For Food Into An Obsession For Fitness And “Living Healthy”

After Having 3 Surgeries, I Finally Got Back To Doing What I Love... Back In The Gym And Playing Football. One Month Apart

4 Years Of Lifting

2 Years And About A 5lb Difference Between Pictures

2 Month Transformation

From 100lbs To 140lbs In 2 Years

My 6 Month Transformation From 105 To 140 Lbs

5 Years Transformation

1.5 Years Of Lifting, Never Skipping A Workout, Barely Drinking Alcohol And Eating A Ton Of Food

3 Year Transformation

From 59kg To 78.5kg In 2 Years

2 Years Of Training With No Days Off

I Am 25 Years Old In The Left Photo, Living In London, Working Hard And Partying Harder. On The Right - Me At The Ripe Young Age Of 33

1.5 Year Transformation

1 Year And 3 Months Trasformation

My 2.5 Year Vegetarian Bodybuilding Progress

From 60kg To 71kg In 1 Year

4 Years Between These Photos And Nearly A 40 Pound Difference, All Done Vegan

3 Years And 12kg

From Game Addict To Sponsored Athlete. 8 Years Body Transformation

6 Year Transformation. High School Graduation To Now. I Was Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes A Few Months After My Graduation

5 Year Difference

5 Years Of Training

4 Month Transformation

1 Year Progress

Tom Ward, Who Works At Men's Health Magazine, Transformed His Body In 2 Month And Appeared In The Pages Of The Same Magazine

3 Month Transformation

Chris Mantovani 2 Year Transformation (13-15)

3 Years Transformation

Cris Heria Incredible Natural (Calisthenics) Body Transformation

3 Years Of Hard Work

3 Months Muscle Building

1 Year Bodybuilding Transformation

4 Month Transformation

3 Month Transformation

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