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Back In The Days, Digital Technologies Were Way Different (17 pics + 1 gif)

Posted in Picdumps   25 May 2017   / 5219 views

When you boot that bitch up in the computer room.

The old Google homepage. Simple, minimalistic, tacky. Clicking “I’m feeling lucky” actually worked once and awhile.

A phone call from your aunt’s only weakness.

Fun Side Story: I had one of the first digital video camera’s and pulled an epic goof on Limewire. I put a file in my upload folder titled “Blink 182 – First Date (Official Video)” a few days before it aired on MTV. A shit ton of people downloaded it, and it was a 30 second loop of me eating a sandwich to the Space Jam theme song. Fun stuff.

If you don’t know the exact tone that’s about to happen, then get the fuck out of here.

The steps you would take to find what’s important in your life.

Winamp. You beautiful bitch. Spotify still holds nothing to you and that gorgeous interface. I’ll never forget you.

Speaking of which, what ever happened to radass visualizers?

Finding the perfect and most passive lyrics for that away message. Brb Becky!

Talking mad shit to SmarterChild.

Logging on to the MySpace jackpot of notifications.

Seriously, I can’t even watch stock footage of cars on a countryside without muting the volume.

Kids have hundreds of thousands of pay-for-play apps. We had 3D Arcade Space Cadet Pinball, and you didn’t have to pay a gosh dang fucking thing.

Imagine waiting for an update in the actual mail. Yeah, that shit happened.

Good ol’ Yahoo. When searching for porn wasn’t on Google’s first page, you came here.

Ah man, my first webpage. What a trip.

Memes were not nearly as quick as they are now.

There was no Apple Maps, there was no Waze. The only thing recalculating was you and your girlfriend’s blowout argument on directions. Good times.

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birdman 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
Yea things were different all right. I never had my entire contacts list erased when the latest windows update loaded, as just happened with windows 10 a few days ago.
Nor did I have a 1 yr old computer crash and die when I made an update as with windows 10 last year... outside of download speeds my computer runs slower than 10 years ago......