If You Want To Fix Your Photo, Don’t Give It To These Korean Photoshop Masters (40 pics)

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I Don't Like That I'm Not Wearing A Uniform. Please Add It

Make It Look Like A Group Of Scary People Are Chasing Me

Please Make This Picture Look More Dangerous

It's Awkward To See People Posing With The Statues. Make A More Dynamic Pose Please

Make It Look Like Horrible People Are Chasing Me

Please Make It Look Like I'm A Hero In A War Battle

I Took A Picture Of The Jump, But The Underwear Was Lightly Exposed. Can You Remove It?

Make The Background More Dangerous

Make This Photo Less Perverted And More Like A Scene From A Movie

I Seem To Be Sleeping While Working Hard, But I Can Not Say That It Looks Hard. Please Fix This

You Can't See My Face. Could You Brighten It Up?

Please Lower The Pants Below The Sock So That You Can't See Them And Put A Bottle Of Soju In Front Of Me

Make This Pic Of Bored Me More Dramatic

Make Me Taller Than My Friend

Make The Cheesee Look Better

Help Make This Photo Of Me At The Grand Canyon Look More Realistic

Please Add A Bear Or Something

I Want To Cut My Face For A Profile Pic. But When I Cut The Image, The Waitress Is Always In The Shot. Please Make It So I Can Cut Out My Photo For A Profile

Put A Pretty Girl Next To Me

Please Remove The Couple Behind And Make The Sky Clear So The Cherries Could Bloom

Make It Look Like I'm Wearing Socks

Can You Make This Look More Like A Wild Animal?

This Background Is Boring. Make It A Bit Thrilling

My Friend Recently Got Married. Can You Make This Image Reflect This?

Please Bring My Uncle A Bit Closer

Please Make It Look Like A Scene From A Movie

The White Background Seems Empty. Please Brighten It Up!

Please Make Me Look Like A Pro In Various Ways

Please Make It Look Like I Have A Great Body As Per Your Standarts

Here's Me With An Audi R8 I Spotted In The Parking Lot

Make It Look Like I Am Eating Something No One Else Has Tasted

I Want To Ride A Real Horse

Please Remove Me From This Photo So That It Looks Like The Child Is Flying

My Friend Who's Returning To The Unit Looks So Lonely. Please Make Him Happier

I Would Be Grateful If You Could Erase The People In The Background. It's Disneyland But It Doesn't Feel Like An Amusement Park. Please Make It A Bit More Fun

I Want You To Make Me Look Cool While Grilling

Please Put Me In A Picture With Iron Man

Photographer Casts A Reflection On The Glass, Please Fix This

I Want You To Make The Woman On The Right Side Disappear

I Want To Be A Superhero!

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