Taxi For Mary Or Maybe Even The Handsome Date – You Decide! (3 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       6 Jun 2017       1124       GALLERY VIEW

You head out on a date and expect everything to go perfectly well. After all, every other date you have found on has been fine, other than the fact that you both didn’t “click” with each other but that is the way dating goes sometimes!

However, imagine leaving your date waiting? We don’t mean leaving him waiting because you are going to turn up fashionably late. Oh no, we actually mean leaving him behind, thinking that you are going to return. Is it cruel or just a quick getaway? Mary seems to think that a quick getaway was necessary in this case.

Her date with a drop-dead gorgeous guy was going extremely well. He had looks that were so chiseled he looked like he had been made by a sculpturer and he was in the shape of his life. He was perfect in every way, that was, until his hands began to take on a personality of their own. They began to wander slightly and they even reminded Mary of Kaa, the snake from that famous film “The Jungle Book” – you get the picture!

His behavior was becoming something that could only be classed as creepy and each move he made chipped away at his chiseled appearance to the point where he was beginning to look like a weathered sculpture, his hand most certainly felt like one!

Mary made a quick escape to the toilet and made some excuse about having something annoying in her eye. Little did he know, that thing in her eye was him – he was becoming an annoyance. When in the toilet, she quickly phoned for a taxi and headed home. Soon after arriving home her phone began to ring. She answered it and it was her date asking if everything was ok because she had been in the toilet for some time.

She replied with “oh I didn’t mean the toilet in the bar, I meant the toilet at home”. That was the last she ever heard from the guy but Mary made a much needed escape at the right time.




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