These Were The Dumbest Trends Ever, But You Still Took Part In Them (23 pics)

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“Planking.” – Mattene

“Bleaching the front of my hair blonde and using a bunch of gel to do that little “make it stand up” flip thing. Not like over the top, or to the side flip, just have like the inch of blonde go straight up. 8th grade me. The bleach isn’t as bright in the pic as it actually was, but yeah, this gave me chills of the douche variety.” – valley_pete

“I regret everything I did on Myspace.” – Paradigm6790

“2004-2006 I could be found wearing 3 different color polos with all collars popped.” – Modernthought

“Think about your AIM away messages for a minute…. Yeah…”

“As a teenage girl: lots of black eyeliner, straightening my hair with a clothes iron and wearing men’s ties. Oh, and dirty converse. I used to buy a pair and immediately stomp in mud and scratch them up so they looked punk rock??? I don’t know. I’m not proud of it.” – littlewhitedove_

“1970s: plaid polyester leisure slacks. The trendsetters looked cool in them; I looked like Dorkenstein.” – MisterBigDude

“terribly wispy baby bangs and ren faire horns 1995 fo’ sure.” – queendweeb

“Those baggy black trousers with huge external pockets and straps hanging off all over them.” – SmallLumpOGreenPutty

“The Harlem Shake ….Gack! I hear the song again – stop it, stop it!!!” – mistermagoo2you

“Fake top part of boxer underwear, that were sown into the pants to make it look like you were sagging your pants. 90s was the worst time for clothing fashions.” – millipedecult

“I took care of 3 Tamagotchis simultaneously. I thought I was the hottest of hot shit in the early 90’s.” – Mayisbetterthanxmas

“Wearing my clothes backwards. Which truly was, in retrospect, wiggity-wiggity-wack.” – rtillaree

“Psy – Gangham style. I dedicated myself to break into dance EVERY time it played. Even at my office job. I bought the tshirt at the kids store, I even started considering that psy’s dance moves could possibly create world peace.” – profwhataloadacrap

“Remember those little finger skateboards and BMX bikes? Yeah, I spent way too much of my middle school cash on those things. but they are kinda cool…” – wordbird89

“Sack tap Tuesday. On Tuesday in middle school, a group of boys would run around and “tapping” unsuspecting male classmates’ testicles.

One good thing came out of it though: got to hear our principal say the words “sack tap Tuesday.” They can never take that away from us.” – pcon258

“Buying Soap shoes and getting really really good at grinding rails. Turns out it didn’t drop panties as I expected it would.” shitlordcaligula

“At my church there was a game that we would play at camp. People would make a circle with their hand and blow through it, like a dart gun. If someone aimed one at you had to stand stock still until they “pulled it out” of their neck. The only way to avoid this mess was to cover your neck before the person could blow.

This bled over into the school year and led to me being stuck in a bathroom for 1/2 an hour” – Tittiesplease

“Overly large cargo pants 1998ish?” – queendweeb

“At my school we played a game called Lunch-Butt. The goal was to stick your lunch in your underwear for at least one minute and then eat your lunch. It really got out of hand and they had to ban Lunch-Butt. We tried playing it outside the cafeteria but the janitor caught us. We had to meet with the counselor and write essays about why we should not play Lunch-Butt any longer.” – WorldsGreatestPoop

“In the 8th grade I lived in the hood, insomuch as that exists in Toronto. The cool thing was your plain white T/Big white T. Kids only halfway through puberty were wearing mens XXL and XXXL sized t-shirts. It was stupid. they looked like dresses. So I convinced my dad to take me to a big-and-tall shop and buy a 7XL plain white t-shirt. That’s XXXXXXXL. It was like 30 bucks in the cheapest brand they had over a decade ago. I wore it to school once. I was 5″10 and it was well past my knees. It was probably just played out in general, but the fad seemed to stop after I did that. I’d like to think I did that.” – boxjohn

“Using one of those horrid crocheted sack purses with the shiny circle shit hanging off of it.” – ohlovely

“I was a total weeaboo for awhile. I glomped people, said things were kawaii, and said “Ja!” instead of goodbye like the idiot I was. And then I grew up. I still watch anime and read manga and even went to Japan for my honeymoon but I’m not annoying about it.” – TheLyz


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ZombieDarwin 5 year s ago
I didn't do any of these. Although, queendweeb, if that is your picture there, you are rather hot.




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