If You Don’t Want To Sleep Ever Again, These Short Horror Films Will Help You Out (17 pics)

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Self- Assembly

Directed by: Ray Sullivan

Length: 12:14

This short film about two bereaved parents who find a substitute for their dead son is pretty fucked up. Between the brutal way their son is lost, to the David Lynch-esque monster that they grow, this one will stick with you for a long time.

Watch it HERE!

Don’t Look Away

Directed by: Christopher Cox

Length: 8:19

While a girl is looking outside, she see’s a man in a chained mask staring at her. Her father tells her if she looks away, it’ll get closer. But if she doesn’t look away, who’s going to lock all the doors? And who’s in the house with her?

Watch it HERE!

Porcelain Rising

Directed by: Rachel Tatham

Length: 6:05

No matter how you dress it up, porcelain dolls are scary. This short film has a creepy doll that comes to life at night to terrorize a young girl and use her body as a way to come back to life.

Check it out HERE!


Directed by: Luke Mordue

Length: 16:38

Sometimes, the best films are the ones that are done with the least amount of special effects. This one, about a guy who ignores a chain letter, has him stalked by an evil presence named Charlie. This one is chilling because of what you don’t see.

Find this creepy flick HERE!

I Heard It Too

Directed by: Matt Sears

Length: 8:22

Based on the two sentence short story, “A girl heard her mom yell her name from downstairs, so she got up and started to head down. As she got to the stairs, her mom pulled her into her room and said “I heard that, too,” this one takes it to the next step.

Check it out HERE!


Directed by: Shia LeBouf

Length: 10:09

This film, other than being directed by Shia LaBouf, is a pretty startling picture, not because it’s about the supernatural. This is a purely human piece – a documentary style look at two serial killers, running around with no conscience, causing mayhem.

Check it out HERE!


Directed by: Eddie Adamson

Length: 14:30

Slender man is one of the most enduring urban legends out there, and this short film does it justice, making one hell of a suspenseful story that takes place of a few, harrowing days.

Check it out HERE!

The Witch

Directed by: Alasdair McBroom

Length: 2:14

Another adaptation of those two sentence stories, this one will ruin “Twinkle, twinkle, little star” for you.

Watch it HERE!

Playing With The Devil

Directed by: Nick Stentzel

Length: 7:09

While home alone, three sisters conduct the Japanese ritual of Hitori Kakurenbo or “One Man Tag” with their doll. They soon realize that they shouldn’t be playing games with the devil.

Turn all the lights out and watch it HERE!

Lot 254

Directed By: Toby Meakins

Length: 4:00

When a collector repairs an old film camera, he uncovers the hidden terror of Lot 254. This one is short, but packed with the stuff of nightmares.

Check it out HERE!


Directed by: Evan Sparks

Length: 8:20

When a 17-year old girl is left home alone, she finds out that there’s a lot to be scared about. You never know who’s out there.

Check it out HERE!


Directed by: Mitchell Kerby& Taylor Kerby

Length: 5:54

As if using a shared employee bathroom wasn’t terrifying enough, this guy finds out that he’s not alone during his bathroom break, sharing it with a supernatural monster.

Check it out HERE!

The Whistler

Directed by: Bryce James McGuire

Length: 6:43

If you thought Hitchcock’s The Birds was as bad as avian horror gets, you need to see this one. When you hear a bird whistling outside, in the middle of the night, it’s best to ignore it.

Watch it HERE!

2 AM: The Smiling Man

Directed by: Michael Evans

Length: 4:08

Based off a reddit thread, this brings one of those random creepy stories to life, as a guy encounters a dancing and smiling man on his walk home. It’s short, but it’s gonna getcha.

Watch it HERE!


Directed by: Deric Nunez

Length: 4:10

Sometimes, you need to be careful about what you click on. Maybe something that says “You will DIE when you see what happens next,” might be a warning.

Watch it HERE!

The Passage

Directed by: John Wynn

Length: 8:57

When a mysterious woman, a missing child and an old house are encountered by two, unsuspecting detectives, bad things start to happen.

This one is genuinely bloodcurdling and easily my favourite on this list. Watch it HERE!

White With Red

Directed by: Brandon Christensen

Length: 3:55

Based on a creepypasta, this little gem is short but visceral. Those stories always get me, and this one about a man looking into a keyhole he shouldn’t, is pretty chilling.

Check it out HERE!





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