Nothing Can Embarrass You More As An Adult Than Your Childhood Photos (50 pics)

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I Count 6 Bangs

Ahh, 1988. The Year My Family Had The Same Haircut

I Thought I Was The Baddest Sh*t

I Begged My Parents For This Picture

I Shaved The Middle Of My Head And Dressed Up Like An Old Man In High School

I Show My Boyfriend One Picture From My Childhood And Suddenly Reproducing With Me Is Off The Table

I Took The Ginger To The Next Level

Blundering Through 2nd Grade

I Was A Vampire. No, It Wasn't Halloween

Business On The Top, Party On The Sides

Found This Picture Of Me 15 Years Ago Hanging Up At My Grandmothers Today At Thanksgiving

When I Was 8 And In A Dance Club

Facebook Friend Posted Her Childhood Glamour Shots

Gr.12, 2003. Yep

Don't Worry, I Wore The Cat Ears Every Day Of 8th Grade, Not Just On Picture Day

My Husbands 2003 Homecoming Photo

When My Daughter Asks Why She Can't Wear Things She Thinks Are "Cool", I Show Her This Photo From My Freshmen Year In Highschool

Get Off Of Me Dad I'm Trying To Be Miserable

I Can't Believe I Used To Rock This Look The Majority Of The Time

I Thought The Hair Made Me Look Cool. I Sometimes Wore It In A Pony Tail. I'm A Guy

I Beaded This "Head Dress" Myself Specifically For This Picture

I Thought I Could Be The Next Shuffling Sensation

When I Was 13 I Went To A Party Where Males Had To Dress As Females And Vice Versa. L'm Embarrassed To Say I May Have Gone Too Far

Matrix Inspired Outfit I Wore To School In 2008

The Greatest Bowl Cut Of All Time

I Used To Wear An Umbrella Hat To School Every Rainy Day In 4th Grade

My Megamind Phase

I Should Have Listened To My Shirt

My Friend Has The Best Awkward Childhood Photo Ever

Too Cool To Smile. 8th Grade

Apparently My Blades Made Me Feel Fabulous

I Recently Visited My Sister Who Shared Her Favorite Childhood Photo Of Me - The Time I Married My Giant Stuffed Pikachu, Ricky

Everything Had To Be Red And Black, My Lunchbox Was Red And Black, My Bike Was Red And Black, My Stashbox Was Red And Black, My Wallet Was Red And Black

So Dark. So Tortured. This Was Taken At A Mall's Bathroom

I Looked Like An Old Jewish Man In 9th Grade

I Made A Lot Of Friends On My First Day Of Highschool

I'm The Unfortunate Soul On The Right

My Mom's Boyfriend In Eighth Grade, Sporting A Mullet/Bowl Cut

I Thought I'd Get All The Ladies

High School, Idk How To Explain

I Was An 11 Year Old Lesbian Aunt

First Day Of School Junior Year. And Yes, My Boxers Were Also Tie Dye

I Present To You All: My 2009 Hairstyle

This Is Why I Never Had A Girlfriend In High School. I Looked 35 When I Was 14

I Actually Went To College Like This

I Thought I Was Super Hot In This

My Grandma Sewed Me Some Sequined Socks And A Glove For My 10th Birthday Because I Was A Big Michael Jackson Fan

My Dad Still Has These Photos Of Me Up In His Walls

My Mom Made Matching Outfits For Me, My Fourth Grade Teacher, And Her Daughter

My Sister And I Looking Hot In The 70s. I'm Headed To Woodstock... She's Off To Oktobetfest!






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