These Dogs Are Too Chill To Demand Lots Of Attention From You Once You Have Them (20 pics)

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Boston Terrier

These guys are pretty chill, as they straddle the line between the Bull Dog and a terrier breed. They can bring it, when they need it, but generally have the lethargic nature of a pure bull dog.

Miniature Pinscher

These guys are supremely adaptable. If you want to go run around, they’ll chase you and love it. If you’re lazy and play PS4 in your spare time, they’ll adapt to that lifestyle and sit there with you.

Chow Chow

This big floof is all about the relaxed lifestyle. Yeah, they’re big, but they’re lovable, walking carpets of snuggles and sleepy eyes.

Great Dane

I know this seems counterintuitive, given that this dog is a beast, but they need a lot of rest on account of their size. They only need minimal activity to stay sane and love to just snuggle on the couch.

Shih Tzu

These guys are excellent indoor dogs. They might yap around, if you get a higher energy pup, but they hate the outdoors and will occupy themselves in your place. Might also clean up the dust bunnies before mom comes over.

Bassett Hound

There’s one of these that lives in my building and I always see him step on his ears; poor guy! They look serious, but they’re pretty playful and don’t need a lot of exercise.


Another surprise, but these racing dogs are actually the laziest breeds in the world. They’re couch potatoes, and just want belly rubs. They’ll run if you want them to, but only because you asked nicely.

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Most terrier breeds are known for their playful and active nature, but not this breed. They only need a little bit of exercise and are happy with a game of extreme frisbee here and there.

Japanese Chin

These are great apartment dogs, who can bring the joy and energy into your day if you want them to, or they’ll chill on your couch and yap at the images on tv.


These little fluffy monsters are the national dog of Cuba. While they look like they want a lot of playtime, they’re actually pretty lazy and enjoy the smell of a good rum n’ coke and cuban cigar.


Have you seen these guys in person? They’re like tiny bears and just love to chill at home and shed that thick, black coat everywhere. They make a great buddy for a lazy owner.

Clumber Spaniel

This spaniel falls on the lazy and calm spectrum of temperament. They’re a medium sized pup, and they’re gentle and mellow; probably sleeping half the time.


These guys were bred to be toy dogs. You know what those are? They’re meant to just be small accessories for people. Which means they’re okay just hanging out on a bed, in a large purse or on your lap for some heavy petting.

English Mastiff

Sure, they’re huge, but they’re also really, really lazy. As a bonus they need very little grooming and are quite alert, so he’d be a good dog for intruders and for kids.

Saint Bernard

Remember the Beethoven movies? You got it. They’re friendly, calm and just want to sit on the floor and pretend to be a droopy, drooly carpet.


This one is a 50/50 split. In most cases, this tiny breed is content to just hang out and be held. Most of the ones I’ve met are lazy, but I have encountered a couple that were absolute demons from hell.


One of the larger breeds, they’re pretty, hecking lazy. They need a little bit of exercise here and there, but mostly want to chill on the floor and doze.

French Bulldog

These guys might not be as lazy as their English cousins, but they’re pretty much the guy that will sit through your latest Netflix binge. Might fart though. These guys get gas like you wouldn’t believe.


Pugs are some of the most popular dog breeds globally, though I’m not sure why. Never been a fan, plus they can’t handle hot temperatures and has breathing problems. But for the reason, they’re great, non-exercising dogs. No need to walk them too hard, just let them work themselves out.

English Bulldog

The laziest guy on the block, right here. They’re calm, quiet and don’t need much grooming or walking. Just scrunch their wrinkly faces and they’ll love you their entire life.

Just look at this doofus.



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