You Should Really Know This To Fully Enjoy “Lords Of The Rings” (16 pics + 4 gifs)

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Throughout the series, Legolas runs out of arrows twice: Once during the attack in Amon-Hen, and again during the battle at Helms Deep.

Sauron, Gandalf, the Balrog, and Saruman all belong to the same kind of spirit: The Maiar. These spirits were around since before the universe itself.

Sauron actually did have a physical form during the events of ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ however he chose not to leave his fortress until he regained full power.

In the books, Frodo doesn’t begin his journey until 17 years after the party. He leaves the shire at the age of 50, just like Bilbo does in ‘The Hobbit.’

During the war of the ring, Aragorn is already 87 years of age. Because he is part of the Dunedain blood line, he is gifted with a very long life. He doesn’t even die until he is 210.

Arwen was 2690 when she met the 20-year-old Aragorn. She died at the age of 2901.

Despite a lot of people thinking that Mordor is a hot place, it is actually quite cold. There are several mentions of Frodo and Sam shivering as they near Mount Doom.

Hobbits are naturally gifted with the ability to throw stones with incredible power and accuracy. This is evidenced in several books including the Hobbit trilogy.

None of the books mention Legolas having blonde hair. It is possible that his hair would be blonde because his dad has blonde hair, but it isn’t confirmed in the books.

A backstory of Gollum suggests that he would find, steal, and eat human babies.

The Nazgul do not have the ability to see the world of the living during the day, so they rely on their horses and fell beasts to see for them. However, they can smell the blood of living creatures and sense prey that is near them.

When Merry stabs the Witch King with a knife, he was actually using a weapon that was forged specifically to fight him. He found the knife in a region near The Shire known as ‘The Barrows’ in which the tombs of warriors who had fought against The Witch King were filled with weapons that could hurt him.

When Gandalf died, his spirit went to Iluvatar (The god of the Tolkien universe) and was sent back to Middle Earth stronger and smarter. He was given this second chance because he was the only wizard who was genuinely fulfilling his task and he sacrificed himself for his friends.

Sauron enjoyed having Shelob living at the entrance of Mordor as she would often eat anyone who tried to sneak in. He would even send prisoners down to get eaten by her every once and a while as a treat. He also didn’t care if she ate a few orcs now and again as he had plenty to spare.

There is a character in the series known as Tom Bombadil who is not affected by the ring at all. He also saves the hobbits twice throughout the series.

After the death of Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli went to the Grey Havens, leaving Middle Earth behind.

Unlike in the movies, Frodo never sent Sam home in the novels. They were together for the entire journey until they came across Shelob’s lair. When they made it out, Gollum attacked him which is why he couldn’t help Frodo against Shelob.

Using an eagle to bring the ring to Mordor was never an option as Sauron would have spotted it immediately. The mission relied solely on stealth.

Aragorn was taken to Rivendell when he was only 2 years old. He wasn’t aware of his true identity or lineage until he was 20.

Boromir’s death happens in the beginning of “The Two Towers.” not in “The Fellowship of the Ring” like in the movies. He dies killing at least 20 orcs when defending Merry and Pippin.





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