These Women Seem To Have Found The Elixir Of Endless Youth! (24 pics)

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Liu Yelin, 50

Liu Yelin, a librarian from China, is frequently mistaken for her son’s girlfriend. That’s understandable: she has a slim body and not a single wrinkle.

The secret: For around 30 years now, Liu has been doing weightlifting and swims in a lake regularly (even during the winter!). She’s swum across the Yangtze in China and the Hangang in South Korea. Her dreams are to swim across a sea and stay young until 80. By the way, she also doesn’t use makeup.

Risa Hirako, 46

Risa is a Japanese model and singer. She looks simply crazily young in her photos and says that she hardly edits them.

The secret: Risa only uses makeup with natural ingredients. She eats healthily but doesn’t restrict herself too much, satisfying her sweet tooth with honey, bananas, and chocolate. Japan, in general, has many long-livers, and one of the reasons for this is their eating habits: they eat much less meat, fats, and sugar than people in other developed countries.

Ernestine Shepherd, 81

This American woman received the title of the oldest bodybuilder in the world. How did the journey start? Like it does for all women: she didn’t like her reflection in the mirror. Once she started training, she was determined not to quit, achieving amazing results. It should be noted that she started after she was 50.

The secret: Ernestine does not take supplements, runs about 130 km a week, and goes to the gym regularly. She consumes about 1,700 calories a day, mostly boiled egg whites, chicken, and vegetables.

Masako Mizutani, 49

Masako is a former model and now a mother of two. She currently doesn’t work and blogs instead, talking about caring for herself. At home in Japan, she is known as the "Eternal Youth Lady."

The secret: It’s worth noting that Masako spends about 5 hours a day on skin care. In addition, she drinks a lot of water, sleeps well, does not smoke, and uses vitamin E-rich cosmetics.

Christie Brinkley, 63

Christie is an American model, activist, actress, and photographer. She has been working as a model since the 1970s and is still going strong.

The secret: In the mornings, Christie drinks warm water with lemon, honey, and cayenne pepper. She doesn’t eat meat and often snacks during the day; at dinner she may drink a glass of red wine.

Christie says she’s never had plastic surgery but often resorted to noninvasive procedures. Every day she does up to 100 push-ups and also loves running, yoga, and extreme sports.

Wendy Ida, 64

Wendy was not always like this: she began to work out only after turning 40. Back then, she says, she had a bad job, a man killing her self-esteem, and excess weight. And now she is one of the most famous fitness gurus in the US. Another confirmation that it’s never too late to change.

The secret: Two of Wendy’s greatest strengths are patience and perseverance. She keeps to a diet, eating a lot of protein, fruits, and vegetables. She also does regular cardio and weight training.

Jennifer Tilly, 58

Jennifer Tilly is a Hollywood actress with one of the most unusual voices. She voices cartoon and film characters, inspiring others with her natural beauty on the side. Fun fact: the girlfriend of the bloodthirsty Chucky doll has her voice.

The secret: Jennifer jokes and says there is no secret and she simply uses photo filters. She lives life to the fullest (for instance, she plays poker professionally). Also, she doesn’t care about weight. Perhaps it’s her general laid-back attitude that makes her look much younger than she is.

Candy Lo, 42

It looks like this model and singer from Hong Kong doesn’t plan on aging either. She has an impeccable body, despite having given birth to three sons.

The secret: Candy claims that her beauty is due to heredity and a healthy lifestyle. She also spends several hours a day in the gym and 40 minutes a day on facial skin care.

Zaklina, 47

Zaklina from Serbia has a body many 25-year-olds would be jealous of. She travels a lot and wears chic clothes. Not everything in her life is so rosy, though: about two years ago her son Stefan died. Now Zaklina is raising two granddaughters and is considered the hottest grandmother on Instagram.

The secret: Zaklina is mysterious and does not talk about her magic. She says her goal is to inspire women to embrace their sensuality and realize they can look great at any age.

Lure Hsu, 42

The story of this designer has recently gone viral. She doesn’t even look 20, but she is 42, and it’s hard to believe.

The secret: Lure drinks a lot of water and avoids sweet drinks. She also does not eat meat and loves fresh vegetables, especially Chinese cabbage bok choy. Lure takes vitamin C and collagen, and she massages her face and moisturizes her skin daily. She recommends this to you too, saying, "If your skin has enough water, you don’t have to worry about aging and wrinkles."

Sharon Hsu, 36

The world would not know about the eternal teenager Lure Hsu if not for her sister, actress Sharon Xu, who once took her sister to a talk show. Sharon is already 36, which you can’t tell at first glance.

The secret: Like her sister, Sharon leads a healthy lifestyle and eats a lot of vegetables to stay in such great shape.

The two ageless sisters have a third, Fayfay (in the middle). She’s 40...
...and their mom (in the middle) is 63.





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