These Bars And Restaurants Not Only Serve Good Meals – They Also Serve Good Humor (48 pics)

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Local Bar Has Metal Coasters Made From Cars Wrecked In Drunk Driving Accidents For St. Patrick's Day

New Mexican Restaurant In My Hometown

Bartender Just Poured This Cat A Shot Of Milk At The Bar In New Orleans

An Urinal In A Bar In Barcelona

Sign At The Restaurant Where I Ate

Went To A Cafe Today, Saw A Glitch In The Matrix

Found At My Local Cafe

Saw This In The Bathroom At A Bar Today

Saw This Outside A Local Restaurant

A Bar Near My Town Framed Their Bathroom Vandalism

I Saw This At Restaurant As We Were Leaving

Coffee Shop Owner Austin Simms Was Fed Up With Rude Customers So He Put Up A Sign Indicating Their New Pricing Policy

Most Convincing Bar Sign Ever

A Bar In Devon, Uk, Found An Interesting Way To Stop Their Female Bartenders From Being Sexually Harassed

What The World Thinks. A Bar In New Zealand

Napkin From A Bar In Russia

Passive Aggressive Note At This Diner

My Dad Asked The Waitress For "One Very Small Check." I Think That She Out-Dadjoked Him In Response

Sign Outside A Wine Tasting Bar In Napa

Went To This Restaurant Today. I Appreciated Their Honesty

Can't Fault The Logic Of This Bar

Found This Awesome Mirror At A Outdoor Store/ Café In North Michigan

At This Bar I Go To, The Prices Of The Beers Change Every 15 Minutes Based On Supply And Demand Inside The Bar

Local Pub's Sign

Love These

Woo! Definitely Going To That Bar - Oh Wait

A Pub In Ireland Had A Problem With Graffiti On The Toilet Doors, This Was Their Solution

It Is A Refrigerated Strip In The Bar Itself. You Set Your Beer On It And It Stays Cold

Saw This Sign At A Salad Bar Today

Bar Advertisement Win

Some Sage Advice From My Local Subway Restaurant

This Pub Made Me Rethink Everything I Knew About Bread

Found This Majestic Beast At A Local Restaurant. I Almost Pulled It Off The Wall And Walked Out

This Mexican Restaurant Near My House Changed Its Name From "Uno Mas" (One More) To "No Mas" (No More) When It Closed Down

A Bar Hidden Behind An Old Coca-Cola Machine In Shanghai

My Local Burger Barn Makes Some Astute Observations On The Back Of The Bar Menu

And That Was The Last Time I Wore A Puffy Vest To The Bar

Had Dinner At An Expensive Restaurant. This Is How They Delivered The Bill

I Work In A Restaurant. This Is Our Christopher Walk-In

Hummus Bar Gives 50% Off Arabs & Jews Who Eat Together

Til - There Is A Bar In The Middle Of Kabul Afghanistan And It Has A Bitchin Name

This Restaurant Has Tombstones On The Wall Of All The Places That Were There Before It

Spotted This Gem At My Local Pub

Saw This Outside A Pub Today

Local Bar Noticed My Building's A/C Went Out. They Decided To Help Out

Deep Thoughts From My Local Piano Bar

A Local Bar Puts These On Windshields Of Vehicles Left In Their Parking Lot Over Night

New Bar Door Sign In Florida




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