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These Photos Will Prove You Know Nothing About Our Beautiful World! (30 pics)

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This is the Bavarian town of Nördlingen, which was built in a 14-million-year-old meteor impact crater.

The end of the Great Wall of China.

The place where old tires go to die.

In case you need reminding that Cairo is a very old city...

... it has built up a lot since the pyramids.

A 360-degree rainbow as seen from an airplane.

It’s all very Presidential.

This is what Mercury looks like.

Conformity and creativity side-by-side in Barcelona.

Sagrada Família stands tall to the left of the photo.

An inside view of one of Google’s data centers.

There was a time when conquering Mount Everest was considered a great feat. These days you have to stand in line.

Stonehenge: rocks in a field.

We’re used to seeing them individually, but would you recognize the strange and ancient Easter Island sculptures as they stand, clustered together?

Somewhere beyond the crowds is the Mona Lisa.

The two sides of New York City.

Thousands of high-rises make for a stunning aerial view of downtown Toronto, Canada.

Dutch tulip fields are simply stunning.


Often photographed up close in all its glory, the Taj Mahal is almost barely recognizable here.

The Packard Automotive Plant in Detroit now lies abandoned.

Even from space, the Hollywood sign still makes its mark.

You probably wouldn't guess it, but this is Burning Man Festival.

The beautiful buildings in Fira almost look out of place on the cliff.

Do you see the Parthenon in the distance?

They couldn't have chosen a better place than New Zealand to be Hobbiton.

Boston faced a blizzard so powerful that it shut down the city for a day in 2013.

The Eiffel Tower is beautiful from any angle, at any time of day.

Niagara Falls takes on a different look in the winter.

The drive up to Colosseum simply takes your breath away.

The two sides of Rio de Janeiro.

This view of the World War II Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial is incredibly humbling.

Credits: diply.com

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