People Will Abuse Their Power Given The Slightest Chance To Do So… (22 pics)

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“When I did safety patrol in elementary school we gave out “good job” tickets to younger kids if they made good choices in the hallway. My best friend from my neighborhood was a grade below me so every day I would give him a good job card so his mom would let him come outside and play. He’s the only person I ever gave good job cards to.” – Finish_Line53

“The restaurant I used to work at required male employees to shave before a shift. It was always understood that if you were working a double you weren’t shaving before the second shift.

A low-level manager wanted Eric to go home and shave before his night shift. Eric got stuck with a table that wouldn’t leave and he didn’t have enough time. The manager made him shave with a random disposable razor that they had in the back office. They didn’t even have shaving cream.” – TheBourbonLied

“In elementary school, everyone had the chance to be a line leader on his or her birthday. One girl was kind of socially awkward, so on her day she decided to give someone else the title. Our teacher was pissed off because she felt disrespected by this mild change in line leadership, so she exclaimed, “If you don’t want to accept the title I generously gave to you, go to Mrs. P’s classroom! I’m trying to be kind to you, but you’re being a brat who thinks she has the right to decide who’s in charge.” Then, she went off on the other girl for “indecent behavior” and “harassment” (even though she kind of just yelled at the awkward chick but whatever). Maybe the birthday girl shouldn’t have called someone else the line leader, but the teacher took personal offense for something so trivial.” – Wafflecakeandbacon

“I was at a completely empty airport, and only needed to identify myself before I could pick up my luggage. There was no queue, so ‘I skipped the line’. That asshole at the desk made me walk back and compelled me to zigzag all around the fences, where nobody was standing. Afterward, he and a colleague just laughed at me, because he knew that he could use his power like that. Ugh.

Edit: At first we obviously didn’t go back, because it was bullshit. However, he refused to help us then, so we rolled our eyes and did it anyway, just to get it over with instead of making a fuss. It was a small Asian airport, and authorities would not give a crap about complaining tourists.” – zonnebloemetje

“Worked at the concession stands at the beach one summer. Whenever responsibilities were given out of who was supposed to do what for that day, one of my co-workers would suck up to the supervisors so that they would give him the clipboard for him to decide who did what. Naturally, he never assigned himself anything. After handing out the jobs, he’d go and sit in the little office inside the stand and do nothing while the rest of us worked.

One time he assigned me the job of cleaning the boardwalk. I was to take a broom and dust pan and walk the entire length of the boardwalk looking for litter to sweep up. The idiot didn’t know that the cleaning of the boardwalk wasn’t the responsibility of us concession stand workers. That job belonged to the workers employed by the state. We concession stand workers were responsible for the cleanliness of only the small cement patio area directly in the front of our stand. Not the boardwalk too.

I took advantage of his stupidity and I walked down the boardwalk long enough to be out of sight of my concession stand and sat down on a bench for a couple hours or so, resting and relaxing while he was doing the same in the office.” – WallyPlumstead

“In elementary school, I got sent to the office for recess for misbehaving. While I was sitting there, the secretary asked how I was enjoying missing recess. I said, “It’s OK.” So she made me come back the following day because I didn’t hate it enough.” – notsofastandy

“It was me.

I was working at the tax office. Someone called up. Their return was late so they had a £100 fine. He also owed some tax, not a lot, but enough. So he calls up, and he’s telling me about how he hadn’t been working this year and things were tight. And I’m sat there filling in a form to put him on a payment plan.

And then I realized this was a kid that bullied me at school.

So I told him it was tough shit and he had 30 days to pay before we added another fine. Then I closed the form and ended the call.” – generic_brand_cola

“My kids were quite little, and I was giving them turns each day of being in charge of cleaning the living room, to exercise their leadership skills. When it was my son’s turn, I had left them alone for a while and came back to the girls complaining that he was ordering them to punch each other.” – KRBridges

“There’s a school bus driver in town that stops the bus (with the flashers going) to talk with people she knows.

It doesn’t matter how much traffic gets backed up behind the bus. She just talks away as if she owns the road – and to heck with the long line of cars and delays her lengthy “chat sessions” create.” – Back2Bach

“I used to volunteer at a local library when I was in high school. every year they had a book sale to help raise money for events. $0.25 for paperbacks and $0.50 for hardbacks. I was also working retail at this time so I decided being cashier would be pretty appropriate.

It was going pretty well. I kept the line moving and was used to the small talk of being at a register. The head librarian was busy organizing and she had one of the mom volunteers keep an eye on things. Not too long after she starter ‘supervising,’ she came over to me and told me she didn’t think it was a good idea for me to be on register.

I was pretty confused by this. No one had complained, there was hardly ever a wait, there was no reason for her to think I wasn’t capable. I told her it was fine, that I was used to this with my part time job. She was still visibly uneasy and insisted I help with something else. It got to the point where she was practically demanding me to go somewhere else. Not wanting to cause a scene, I went to assist elsewhere.

I found out later she thought the math of calculating the totals was too hard for ‘children’ to be responsible for. Seriously? I was in AP Calc and she didn’t think I could add $0.25 and $0.50 increments? The best part of it all was that my mom went to the book sale a few years after and the same lady was on register. She had a cheat sheet for adding up the book totals…

I’m still bitter.

Edit: For those wondering about the cheat sheet, it was a list of the $0.25 increments like this:





$1.25 etc.” – alm16h7y1

“In Elementary School I had this one teacher who when she would have to leave the classroom, she’d pick a random kid to stand at the chalkboard and watch the class. No one was allowed to talk or get up until the teacher came back. To be honest, my class was pretty rowdy, and given the chance we could get really loud. Which is why the teacher didn’t want us talking if she was gone. If you talked or got up, your name went on the board and you’d lose five minutes of recess. Then tally marks would be added if you talked or got up again, and you’d lose an additional five minutes, and if you got enough you’d start losing time on the next day’s recess.

One day she picked this one kid, we’ll call him Cole. Cole gets up there and he’s slowly looking back and forth between each of us, and if he thought someone was going to talk, he’d put their name on the board. They didn’t have to do anything, and he’d put their name on the board and cost them five minutes of recess. He then offered those with their names on the board that he’d take their name off before the teacher got back if they held their breath until he said they could breathe.” – GWF_1987

“A teacher in high school tried to send me to the office for having an electronic device out in the hallway.

The device was medical equipment [an insulin pump] and after I explained that to him he told me he didn’t care because I’d still broken a school rule.

Needless to say I didn’t get in trouble.” – r_e_horton96

“In my AP Government class in high school, we had a 2-week mock congress. The class was divided into 2 sides Republican and Democrat and they each had to purpose a bill to our mock subcommittee. I was named the chairman of the subcommittee. One of the leader of the Republicans, Danny, shared the same 1st period with me. Our 1st-period teacher was really strict about being late, but if someone in the class said that you showed up and went to the bathroom she would not mark you late. So the first thing I did was make an alliance with Danny. He covered for my lateness and I pushed his bill through the subcommittee. And we learned about real politics.” – Crdriscoll

“In my freshman year of college, we had a group project and of course we have someone who decides to elect themselves as a leader. Ok cool, no issues. You don’t know how to code but we can teach you. But he didn’t want to. He wanted to delegate and then sit on his ass. So the 3 of us coded this flight management program while he organized meetings and set deadlines for us. He raged when we didn’t finish said task within the time limit and went off on ridiculous rants. The kicker was that we had to include our names (as comments) on which part of the code we did and got graded on that. We continuously bugged him to learn just a bit, to at least create the front interface or the help section. But he straight out refused. Since he didn’t write a single piece of code, he ended up getting a zero in the project. He started blaming us for not putting his name on the code and went and complained to the professor. The professor laughed in his face after he heard our story. This was a CS class.” – hiimekko

“I teach at a university, and I’ve canceled classes in order to compete in a gaming tournament.” – bl1y

“Anybody who is involved in running an HOA (Homeowner’s Association).” – charliegriefer

“We had a pizza party for people who completed a project at work.

I was training a new guy and brought leftovers so I wasn’t interested in pizza. The new guy was about to take lunch and I told him if he wanted a couple slices of pizza he could have mine.

Lol the guy who ran the pizza party said no way even after explaining to him I wasn’t eating, and he hid the leftover pizza in his office. “Only people who worked on this project are allowed to eat the pizza”. I went into his office and grabbed it and gave it to my guy.” – Scott55e

“I had a babysitter lay out a bunch of rules including words we couldn’t say. Not bad words mind you but ‘shoe’ was one of them, and I specifically remember being sent to my room without dinner for saying it. My brother ended up busting me out and we locked her out of the house. Viva la revolution!” – pastazafool

“We have a secretary at work, her job is to order spare parts for clients, and secretary stuff like arrange for lunch for meetings. She’ll refuse to order from places that she doesn’t like, and when you finally agree on things her on, her friends will raid the food before the people paying for it / attending the meeting get a pick. She’ll even do this when clients are present.

To get her to order spare parts you have to call up another secretary who will force her to answer the phone. You then have to tell her what to do, how much she should be paying, and offer a small token of your appreciation to get her to do it. Note it’s the same 10 things she always orders, I could easily replace her with an excel string. She must be fucking a director or something cause she should have been fired years ago.” – ooo-ooo-oooyea

“When I was first starting my job, there was this prick who worked in the office who told me he was a supervisor. He would order me around and give me extra work on top of the work I’m trying to do and give me shit later for not having it all done. He’d make me do unsafe stuff and working in areas I haven’t been officially trained in. Someone let it slip that he’s just an office clerk and not a supervisor, so the next time he walked up to me giving me extra work, I told him to get a real supervisor to okay it and he paused, looked at me, took the paperwork back and went back to the office. Didn’t see him for the rest of that day.” – Slaughterhouse451

“My office has several departments, each having their own supervisor. A new supervisor was hired from outside of the company to manage a certain department and it quickly became a shit show. She tried walking around with a box and demanding people put their cell phones in it, and they could have them back during lunch or at the end of the day. Everyone refused.

In an effort to show cost savings she started ordering the shittiest plastic utensils for the break room. The knives and forks might as well be made out of al dente pasta for all the good it did. She quickly became the memo queen and soon every part of the break room was wallpapered in her asinine missives.

She tried to impose a two cup limit on break room coffee. That’s right, you read that sentence correctly.

She’d play favorites and give special treatment to certain individuals and before long that department resembled a gulag era of commissary employees snitching on other employees so they could get the days off they needed.

It got so bad that the turn around in that department became horrendous, no amount of ass kissing or bodies tossed under the bus by her could cover the fact that she was as toxic as they come. She was quietly moved to a non-management role in a completely different department.

All she had to do was order office supplies and deal with vacation and sick time requests for payroll. Before she came in her department was a group of seasoned NCOs that needed little or no guidance. By the time she left it was a smoking ruin.” – Face-palmJedi

“My high school did an end of year celebration (on campus, during school time, it was just the graduating year and the year below us so it wasn’t that disruptive) but to prevent it getting out of control, the school hired 4 security guards. One of them decided to lock all the gates and at the end of the day, we couldn’t leave unless we exited through the office. I’d say there were around 700 students and he just refused to let us leave until another security guard had to fight through the crowd to let him know he was being a dick, he unlocked the gate I was at and then unlocked the others” – _Dia_







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