Did You Know You Can Win The Lottery With Food?! (49 pics)

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There Was A Mini Orange Inside My Orange

Vending Machine At Work Made An Error And Distributed Everything All At Once

My Watermelon Has Almost No Rind

I Had To Do It, Made My Own Lottery And I Won Big!

Found A Green Bell Pepper Growing Inside A Red One


My Kinder Surprise Was Encased In A Second Skin Of Chocolate. Dear Diary, Jackpot

Win... Just Got A Carton Full Of Double Yolk Eggs

Multiple Strawberries Fused Into One

I Found 5 Peanuts In A Shell

I Was Jealous. Jackpot

A Really Long Marshmallow

Very Big Blueberries

My Friend's Egg Had Another Tiny Egg Inside Of It

This Banana Was Two Bananas

Double Banana? Double Egg Yolks? How About These Here Triple Kiwis!

My Girlfriend Found This In Her Skittles Today

I Found A Treble Cleft In My Arby's Fries Today

Got A Soda Out Of A Vending Machine, And There Is A Quarter Taped To The Top

I Think I Found The King Of The Sour Patch

Today Is My Lucky Day! It Came Sealed Like This

This Massive Lemon That Grew On My Lemon Tree

My Grape Is 8 Grapes Fused Into 1

I Bought Ecological Eggs, 5/6 Double Yolk

Behold! The Luckiest Charm!

My Friend Hit The Jackpot

A Very Large Potato Chip, Which I Found In My Bag Of Potato Chips

My Blackberry Was Extra Long

My Grape Had Another, Smaller Grape Inside Of It

I Found 3 Pop Tarts In My Pack Of 2 Pop Tarts

I Found This Strawberry At Work. I Have Named It Lord Berry King Of The Straws. Banana For Scale

I Went To 5 Guys Last Night When They Were Closing, They Asked If I Wanted Extra Bacon Cause They Were Going To Throw It Out. I Didn't Expect This

This Giant Strawberry The Size Of My Palm

It Must Be My Lucky Day!

Hit The Jackpot This Morning

This Happened At Breakfast. Time To Buy A Lottery Ticket

My Little Sister's Drum Stick Came With An Extra Bottom

There Was A Giant Chip In My Ice Cream

I Truck For Budweiser And Ran Into A Lays Trucker. I Found This In My Truck After He Left

This Ice-Cream Sandwich Came With An Extra Half

Had Some Gigantic Grapes With My Tea Tonight

A Very Large Potato Wedge, Which I Found In My Bag Of Wedges

A Waferless Kit-Kat Bar. I Feel Like I Just Found Jesus In My Toast

Freakishly Large Frozen French Fry I Got

I Found A Whole, Unbroken Cookie In My Cookies & Cream

Look Who Just Won The F*cking Lottery

I Too Won The Lottery Today!

Guess I Should Buy A Lottery Ticket Today

This Really Long Curly Fry

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