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Some People Are Just Not Ready For Living In This World (26 pics)

Posted in Funny » Fail   27 Jul 2017   / 3576 views

This dad who misunderstood the "bath" part of a bath bomb.

This person who forgot about mirrors.


Whoever was responsible for filling up these salt and pepper shakers.

And this soap dispenser, which was probably filled up by the same person.

The person who forgot that MRI machines are basically giant magnets.

This person's cousin who might never have seen a chair before.

These teens who should never be allowed near a joystick again.

This man who hasn't worked out that there's a better way.

This mother who's got her cables all tangled.

This guy's friend who didn't know how basic ratios work.

This mother who got confused by a pizza's orientation.

And this Domino's customer who had the same problem.

This shopper who took the whole stand with them.

This traveler confused by her new surroundings.

This girl who missed a very obvious tool on her Swiss Army knife.

And this college that forgot the main function of scissors.

The person responsible for this acronym attempt.

This guy who didn't know his baseball cap could serve another function.

This person who failed to recognise a thermometer.

And this person who failed to recognise a baby scan.

This guy's housemates who forgot how hot ovens get.

This person who didn't understand how screenshotting works.

The designer of this product's packaging who got confused by the word "thigh".

This person who didn't think that sandpaper on glass might not be a good idea.


This amateur chef who probably needed a doctor.

And this Facebook user who really misunderstood sleep.

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