These Facts About Celebs Are Actually Completely Unexpected (13 pics + 2 videos)

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15. Sophie Turner is allergic to horses.

According to the actress, she has always been asthmatic. She bloats and has trouble breathing around horses, which is why she always carries an inhaler on set.


14. Tilda Swinton and Princess Diana studied in the same class.

The British actress is of ancient Anglo-Scots descent. The history of her family traces back over 1,000 years. Tilda was 10 when her parents sent her to a boarding school in Kent, where she was surrounded by many aristocratic British kids, including the future Princess of Wales.


13. Kit Harington did not know his full name until he turned 11.

Traditionally, the name Kit is short for Christopher, but the actor had no idea until he was 11 years old. It is also a mystery why his parents would not tell him the truth for so long.


12. Benedict Cumberbatch and King Richard III are related.

The famous actor is an ancestor of the English monarch and the last representative of the male family line of Plantagenets of the English throne.


11. Chris Pratt’s cat is Snowbell from Stuart Little.

In the Hollywood family of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris resides another movie star: a cat named Mrs. White. The elderly cat once played one of the leading roles in the 1999 family movie Stuart Little, as well as its sequels.


10. Dev Patel has a black belt in Taekwondo.

The actor admitted to doing martial arts as a child as his mother encouraged him to direct his energy into something useful. Dev is, in fact, a professional international prize-winning athlete.


9. Charlize Theron knows 26 dialects of Afrikaans.

Charlize grew up on a South African farm, where she spoke the local language to her peers. The actress learned English because of TV, which explains her beautiful strong accent.


8. Jackie Chan is banned by insurance companies around the world.

For many years, Jackie Chan frequently experienced various physical injuries while shooting his movies, including his pelvis, hips, fingers, legs, face, chest, neck, ankles, and ribs. That’s why many insurance companies refuse their services to the actor and his stunt doubles, resulting in Chan covering his medical bills himself.


7. Nicole Kidman once made $3.71 million in 2 minutes.

This Chanel commercial is considered to be the longest in the industry’s history: it cost a little under $11 million, and the entire 2 minutes were devoted to the leading actress.


6. Gwendoline Christie is the tallest actress in Hollywood.

Since the age of 14, the actress’s height has been 6′ 3″, but, interestingly, she did not play basketball as one may think. Gwendoline had a shot at becoming a professional gymnast if it wasn’t for her spine injury, which made her leave professional sports.


5. Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie have been friends since they were 12 years old.

The girls practically grew up together and both represented the elite Hollywood youth. Kim’s father was a famous American lawyer, and Nicole’s step-father is famous pop musician Lionel Richie, performer of the hit song "Hello."


4. Emma Watson’s hobby is self-portrait painting.

The actress’s house is full of unusual curiosities and paintings of her own creation, which are just as beautiful and elegant as those of renowned artists.


3. Sandra Bullock is the only actress to ever receive an Oscar and a Golden Raspberry in the same year.

The actress received the Best Actress award for her role in The Blind Side at the 82nd Academy Awards. Meanwhile, only a few days earlier, she was crowned the Worst Actress for the movie All About Steve.


2. Eddie Murphy has nine children.

During his first marriage to Nicole Mitchell, Murphy became a father to their five children and two more children outside of marriage. In 2007, former Spice Girls singer Melanie Brown gave birth to a girl who became the actor’s eighth child, which Murphy only confirmed after a DNA test. Since 2012, Eddie Murphy has been dating Paige Butcher, with whom he has a one-year-old daughter.


1. Ryan Gosling’s name means "royal baby goose."

The name Ryan means "young royalty" in Irish, and Gosling is a variation of the word goose, namely a young baby goose.




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