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Our World Is So Unfair And Full Of Double Standards… (15 pics)

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“You get in before everyone else, no one notices and doesn’t care. But heaven forbid you also leave before everyone else, and you are lazy. Nope, I worked the same amount (likely more) hours than you did. Just because you weren’t here to see it, doesn’t mean I wasn’t here.”


“Women can have sex toys and it is fun and sexy. Men have sex toys and they are losers.”


“If I want to resign, I’m expected to give two weeks notice. If I get laid off, it’s effective immediately, no notice whatsoever.”


“I play video games in shifts longer than four hours at a time and I’m lazy. Someone watches the entire Stranger Things series in one day and no one bats an eye.”


“Abuse in a relationship. A couple weeks ago my now ex punched me in the face at a crowded bar and it was just a spectacle. If I (male) had been the one throwing punches, it would have been a different story. People can be awful at times.”


“Its easier to bring drugs into most music venues than clean water. I understand the notion behind making guests dump their bottles, but it really drives me crazy how backwards security can be at a show.”


“From when I was a kid: If I left my toys out and one of my parents stepped on them I got yelled at for not putting my toys away. But if my dad left his tools out and I stepped on one I got told to watch where I was stepping.”


“Fat shaming is SO MEAN AND INSENSITIVE, but it’s totally fine and acceptable to tell someone they’re “TOO SKINNY. GROSS.” And that “She’s not a REAL woman.””


“It’s not gender specific, but it’s common to see on dating profiles that the person requires that their partner be fit, athletic, slim, etc, while said person themselves look like the Michelin man. You should not demand your partner kill themselves at the gym on the daily while you get to be a blob.”


“Same Road Same Rules. This is a popular slogan in the cycling community where I live. Only problem is cyclists seem to break every damn rule on the road. Weaving, passing, going through reds/stop signs, riding on the sidewalk, etc.”


“Random women grabbed my ass so many times when I worked as a bouncer in bars. Tried to explain that this behavior is unacceptable and half the time they’d just laugh while saying I’m cute when I’m angry.”


“I have to pass yearly workplace harassment/sensitivity training and they make a big deal about age discrimination. Here’s the kicker, age discrimination only applies to old people not young. For instance, I could get in serious trouble/fired for calling someone a dinosaur, but yet every week people tell me I should grow a beard so I look old enough to work.”


“It’s viewed as a good thing if someone goes to bed early and get out of bed early. But if you go to bed late and therefore also wakes up later, you are a lazy bastard. But in the end, they sleep the same amount of time. And it’s always the early bird that makes comments and act like they’re Jesus because they got out of bed earlier.”


“If I show up five minutes late to a doctors appointment I have my Appt cancelled and can be charged for it, financially not criminally, yet I can be on time and wait 45 minutes to an hour to see the doctor without receiving so much as an apology. I have gone to appointments at the VA, before I could afford insurance, and had them cancelled after waiting 30 minutes because the doctor didn’t show. Fuck the whole of U.S. healthcare.”


“No paternity leave! Like seriously? I can’t stay at home with the kid too?”


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