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Pixar Is Exciting Even In The Form Of Facts! (11 pics + 9 gifs)

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Woody was originally going to be a ventriloquist’s dummy and not a toy cowboy.

After Finding Nemo was released, so many people bought actual clown fish that the species faced “local extinction” in some areas.

Pixar execs changed the ending of Finding Dory after seeing the documentary Blackfish so that the animals could leave the marine park if they wanted.

Wall-E was named after Walt Disney, whose full name was Walter Elias Disney.

If you thought Eve from WALL-E looked a lot like an Apple product, it’s because Apple’s chief design officer, Jonathan Ive, helped design her.

Pixar animators had 20,622 balloons lift Carl’s house off the ground in Up. In real life, it’d take more than 9.4 million to lift the house up and keep it in the air.

The tree in A Bug’s Life is also in Toy Story 2 and Up.

Cars was Paul Newman’s final film and also his highest grossing film.

Cars has been an interesting project for Pixar. It hasn’t been the most critically acclaimed film, but Disney sold more than $10 billion worth of Cars merchandise in the five years after its release, and the movie has a dedicated area in Disneyland–which isn’t the case for all Pixar films.

The Incredibles was the first Pixar movie comprised of only CG human beings.

The Incredibles used four times as many locations as any other Pixar movie.

Boo from Monsters, Inc. was voiced by Mary Gibbs, the daughter of a storyboard artist for the movie. Boo’s real name in the movie is Mary, too.

The original story for Monsters, Inc. was to have a grown man be scared by the monsters that he drew as a kid.

Reese Witherspoon was set to play Merida in Brave but decided to give up the role because her Scottish accent was so bad.

Disney was going to sell Ratatouille wine but decided to nix the plan because they thought it might promote underage drinking.

Pixar implemented a specific set of rules when it was first founded to help its storytellers get away from traditional storytelling and to set it apart from other films and stories.

In every Pixar movie, you can find “A113” which references a classroom at the California Institute of the Arts where many Pixar animators were educated.

John Ratzenberger has voiced a character in every single Pixar film including Hamm in Toy Story and Yeti in Monsters, Inc.

Andy doesn’t have a dad in Toy Story because it was extremely expensive to animate another human for the movie.

A Pixar employee accidentally deleted the animation for Toy Story 2. Luckily, the associate technical director had been working from home because she was taking care of her newborn baby and had a backup on her personal computer.

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