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How To Take Perfect Photos With Barely Any Effort (40 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   24 Aug 2017   / 7902 views

Use Tinfoil To Create A Wall Of Bokeh

Use A Sifter For A Genius Shadow Hack

Use A Fishtank To Get That Underwater Shot

Use A Plastic Bag For A Softbox Effect

Use A Piece Of Cloth And A Cardboard To Create A Portable And Inexpensive Seamless Background System

Get That Perfect Top-Down Photo For Your Instagram

Remove Tourists From Your Pictures Using These Simple Steps

Manipulate Visual Perception Using Forced Perspectives

Don't Be Afraid To Add Lights With Regular Bulbs

Create A Sparkling Ring Of Fire

Instant Fake Macro Bokeh

Use A CD To Create Lens Flares

Cut Out Your Own Bokeh Shapes

Use A Plastic Bag Smeared With Vaseline For A Soft-Focus Lens Effect

Add Steam With Regular Appliances

Cut Out A Heart Shape In A Cardboard For A Heart-Shaped Bokeh

Use Your Sunglasses As A Filter

Use A Sandwich Bag To Create Hazy Photos

Easy Macro Lens Hack

Create An Arty Filter With Colored Plastic Bags

Create A Different Self Portrait Using Lace

Use A Hair Dryer To Get A Stand Out Selfie

Use A Short Triangular Prism To Reflect Background

Cut Different Shapes In A Cardboard For A Window Shadow

Use White Sheet As A Reflector Reflector

Create A Softbox Using A Shower Curtain

Reduce Camera Shake With A Bag Of Lentils

Colorful Filter

Use Windows For A Softening Effect

Use Windows For A Softening Effect

Get A Black Tile For Product Photography

Use Plasctic Props To Create ‘Wildlife Photography’ At Home

Blank CD Case Is The Perfect Rain Guard For Your Lens

Create A Camera Filter For Funky And Colorful Photos

You Only Need A Few Simple Items To Capture Highspeed Drops

Mimic Film Burn With A Matchstick

Create Your Own Color Lens Filters

Use Cloth To Achieve The Soft-Focus Lens Effect

Lightpainted Background

Use Glasses To Add 'Filters'

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