Here’s How Our Favorite Comedy Actors Changed Over The Years (31 pics)

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EuroTrip, 2004

So far, EuroTrip proved to be the only real success in this young actor’s career. The latest film starring Mechlowicz, a horror tale called Demonic, appeared in 2015 and wasn’t received favorably by either the audience or the critics.

In contrast to many other EuroTrip alumni, Jacob’s memorable performance in the movie actually helped him launch a career that’s still going from strength to strength. In 2008, Pitts won a prestigious award for the heist drama 21. These days, the actor is well known for his roles in the TV series Limitless, Elementary, and BrainDead.

Following EuroTrip, Michelle managed to impress viewers in the cult TV series Gossip Girl and now continues to delight audiences with fresh feature film and TV performances.

The Girl Next Door, 2004

Elisha has made several memorable big screen appearances playing young temptresses. Lately, however, her career seems to have hit a lull. After The Girl Next Door and My Sassy Girl, we can hardly name a single successful movie she’s starred in.

Emile Hirsch’s post-The Girl Next Door career is another story altogether. Once an ordinary, unremarkable lad, he’s managed to become an internationally known actor. Starring not only in comedies but in serious dramas as well, he is always good at conveying his character’s inner depth.

This actor’s only recent memorable performance was voicing a character in the animated movie Rango — not exactly a giant leap to success. At 49, Timothy Olyphant continues to appear in various films, but most of his roles go relatively unnoticed.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, 1993

The famous comic actor’s life became divided into 2 parts: before and after his ex-girlfriend killed herself as the result of their breakup. Nowadays, Jim Carrey makes fewer onscreen appearances, preferring to devote his time to art projects.

It seems that time has no power over Courteney. At 53, the actress still looks absolutely stunning. These days, she not only stars in movies and TV shows but also enjoys success in producing, directing, and screenwriting.

Sean Young, the actress who played the main villain in Ace Ventura, continues to appear in various movies. However, these films are far from being box office successes. Her only critically acclaimed performance recently was in the Russian TV series Esenin: she portrayed the famous dancer Isadora Duncan.

Major Payne, 1995

This 29-year-old actor has starred in 58 movies. However, the only ones that brought Orlando true popularity were those in which he appeared as a child. On the other hand, he has achieved great success on TV!

Karyn Parsons has long abandoned her acting career, and the last movie with her name in the credits was filmed 15 years ago.

Steven Martini had no difficulty nailing the role of a charismatic leader in Major Payne. However, at the peak of his popularity, the actor decided to abandon his career and switched to scriptwriting.

Along with his actor brothers, Damon comes from a prolific dynasty of entertainers. One of the most successful members of the Wayans family, these days he mostly stars in high-profile TV series, such as Lethal Weapon (2016).

The Hot Chick, 2002

Although The Hot Chick wasn’t a universal success, this comedy from the early 2000s definitely managed to amass a cult following. Still very young when she landed a part in the movie, McAdams probably never imagined she’d soon find herself at the top of showbiz Olympus. She went on to become one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood!

Anna Faris continues to appear in movies, but most of them are no-brainer, low-budget comedies. Undoubtedly, the 40-year-old actress’s problems in getting serious roles stem from her previous long experience of playing "dumb but pretty girls" — something that’s now becoming a hindrance.

Rob Schneider is a comic actor, and comedy in Hollywood rarely goes together with big budgets. Along with his friend Adam Sandler, Rob continues to make regular on-screen appearances, but they don’t generate much viewer interest.

Scary Movie, 2000

This actor’s most successful movies — Requiem for a Dream, Senseless, and Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood were shot nearly 20 years ago. These days, the 45-year-old actor continues to appear on-screen and voice animated characters, but the peak of his career is already behind him.

The actress’s last noteworthy performance was in American Reunion, filmed in 2012. Nowadays, Shannon Elizabeth is better known as a professional poker player.

In addition to her involvement with the Scary Movie franchise, Regina has starred in several romantic comedies and made an appearance in the thriller Law Abiding Citizen.

Van Wilder, 2001

40-year-old Ryan Reynolds is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. He continues to delight fans with his memorable performances and his sharply humorous tweets.

Today, Daniel Cosgrove mostly appears in soap operas. The actor was even nominated for an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

Tara Reid has starred in many teen comedies but now finds it difficult to change direction and move on to more serious roles.

American Pie, 1999

The first American Pie movie can definitely be called a cult classic. But, interestingly enough, few of the actors who starred in it managed to achieve real success in other projects. Jason Biggs has starred in 107 films, but audiences still fondly remember him as Jim.

Seann William Scott has done a memorable job of voicing a possum in several of the Ice Age sequels. He continues to make frequent live-action movie appearances as well.

Besides his unforgettable role in American Pie, Thomas is known as a prolific TV actor thanks to his performances in Grey’s Anatomy and other successful projects.


In addition to appearing in various teen comedies, Chris Klein has had interesting roles on TV and even starred in a serious war movie alongside Mel Gibson (but that was back in the now-distant 2002).

The role of Paul Finch made Eddie famous, but this runaway success proved to be short lived. Like so many of his fellow American Pie actors, Thomas continues to appear in movies and television shows but hasn’t yet landed any serious parts.

In contrast, Alyson Hannigan managed to avoid becoming hostage to her American Pie role. This talented comedy actress has appeared in several cult television series, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and How I Met Your Mother. These days, she continues to take part in various movie and TV projects.

For a 38-year-old, Mena Suvari looks positively amazing. However, in recent years, her movie career successes have become few and far between. The last memorable film with her participation was released 5 years ago, and that was yet another American Pie sequel.

Eugene Levy is not just an actor, screenwriter, and director — he’s also achieved success as a producer and cameraman. Today, the 70-year-old is still going strong. Levy’s notable recent works include lending his voice talents to the animated movie Finding Dory.

A prolific actress and stand-up comedian, Jennifer Coolidge became known for her femme fatale roles, which invariably garner viewer interest. Following her American Pie success, Jen went on to take part in the comedy television series 2 Broke Girls (appearing as a guest star in the first season, then joining the main cast in the second).






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