New York Comic Con 2017 Is Where Some Of The Best Cosplay Takes Place (60 pics)

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There were plenty of "Justice League" characters with the new movie coming in November.

It wouldn't be Comic Con without a few Batmen.

Despite how you may feel about "Batman v Superman," this armored Dark Knight looks pretty cool.

Who doesn't love a classic Joker and Harley Quinn?

But we love this mashup of "Suicide Squad" with "The Walking Dead" villain Negan.

Mr. Freeze needed some villains of his own to team up with.

Spider-Man villain Vulture could have been a good candidate.

This Hobgoblin rode in Friday on a working board.

A few different versions of the webslinger were preoccupied with Venom.

Those Spideys don't have anything on Samurai Spider-Man and his Roman-themed Captain America sidekick.

Iron Man wasn't far off.

It wouldn't be NYCC without Ronald McThor.

"X-Men" Mystique looks equally glamorous in her classic white dress.

Even people walking by were saying this was a great Arrow.

Wonder Woman was ready to save the day.

Not all heroes wear capes. We like to believe that Diana Prince and Etta would have made fast friends with Agent Carter.

The Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts were looking for their tea party.

The duo were a popular couples choice.

That wasn't the only popular couple's costume. Here's a Peach and her Mario.

This Belle glided around the showroom floor with her Beast.

Why go as one princess when you can go as two?

It wasn't the only costume split down the middle. This was a pretty convincing Two-Face.

Boba Fett is ready to take in his next bounty.

If you saw a 7-foot-tall Chewbacca walking around it may have been Adam Savage, who used to host "Mythbusters."

The "Star Wars" cantina band was on hand for enjoyment.

Who says Gonzo can't be a Jedi?

We had to hold back laughter at the sight of Pope Deadpool.

The only thing better than one cosplaying Deadpool is several.

There are always some great Jack Sparrows roaming the Con, and this one had the swagger and the accent down.

Davy Jones and his cronies were on the lookout for him.

Scary cosplay was out in full force starting with Oogie Boogie.

Any other time we would have jumped at this Twisty from "American Horror Story."

It's not every day you see someone dress up as the beast from M. Night Shyamalan's "The Village."

Pyramid head from "Silent Hill" always gives us the creeps.

These two are literally from a game called "Little Nightmares."

Raincoat-wearing kids and adults are channeling their inner Georgie from "It."

And many others were going as Pennywise the killer clown himself.

We saw a few Predators, but this one making the creature's clicking noises was a showstopper.

The best part of walking around is seeing some of the elaborate designs fans come up with for characters like this Red Knight from The Fisher King.

Lola from "Final Fantasy" 3-D printed her trident.

Ayesha descended a staircase in Javits like the goddess she is in head to toe gold.

Hopefully, she didn't have a run-in with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

All they were missing was a Yondu.

And this little potted Baby Groot.

Who says you have to dress up as a specific character? This cosplayer came up with her own poison Ivy, dragon-inspired look.

One of the most complex looks we saw was this larger-than-life embodiment of nature.

Sometimes you just want to dress up as your favorite childhood show and this Strawberry Shortcake rocked it.

Cosplaying isn't just for the young at heart.

Pickle Ricks from "Rick and Morty" were out in full force.

In true Pickle Rick form, they were all flipping the finger.

Each fan had their own unique take on how the character should look. Some popped up with even more characters from the adult cartoon.

People were even other characters from the show like this one who has a very silly name we won't say here.

It wasn't the only "Adult Swim" show repped on the floor. Meatwad and Frylock were there with a tiny Master Shake.

Years went into perfecting this "Halo" cosplay.

There was a lot of great "Stranger Things" cosplay but we love this Eleven and the Demogorgon.

All this "Kobu and the Two Strings" group needed was a companion Monkey.

One of the most creative groups is this Dragon Ball Z / Green Lantern group.

These Power Rangers are big Sailor Moon fans.

'90s nostalgia was in full swing with this Ms. Frizzle and her lizard Liz.

It's not just friends who cosplay together.


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