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All Kinds Of Strangest Stuff Is Going On In Those Classrooms (42 pics)

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Funny Classroom Photos: A true academic:

I guess he also gets carte blanche access to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe:

So flippin’ annoying:

Don’t let the machines win:

Off to the great Quirky Science Classroom in the sky:

This is the portrait of a woman who has fully realized her truth:

This is why children should not be given an allowance:

3/10 would not pun:

It’s just a prank, bro!:

I don’t think this is how getting out of PE works:

Day 7: All attempts to communicate with subject have failed. Mission in jeopardy. Cheeto stale:

**Sigh** Matthew, can you just write the freaking essay for once?:

Bringing a more positive meaning to the term “sleeping around.”:

The ultimate n00b move:

If this man isn’t a dad, I don’t know who is:

A better question is why does this even:

The youth is our future:

I mean she’s not WRONG:

Well-behaved cats are a myth perpetuated by the government to keep you all complacent:

Are you allowed to do this at work?:

Honestly spilled smoothie is borderline more tragic than murder:

And the whole room clapped:

You, sir, are failing Algebra 1:

I may not be the scientific mind of my generation, but that is 100 NOT how you read a caliper:

I wonder if this was at a CATholic school. I hate myself too:

You wouldn’t be laughing if you’d seen school lunches these days:

Joke’s on you, he’s in ‘philosophy of vegetables 201’:

We just had “listen to Mr. Fionella’s messy divorce” day in gym class:

You’re doing it wrong if you’ve never eaten cold lasagna for breakfast:

This lecture is part of a complete, balanced breakfast:

In America, you can be whatever you want to be:

Still more factual than a Texas science textbook:

Necessity is the mother of invention:

I call BS, everyone knows a lack of outlets is the downfall of American teens everywhere:

Brendon Urie as a math teacher:

Wanna play game theory?:

He is not of this world, or philosophy section:

Clearly these kids need to learn how to make your periods five sizes bigger than your text:

Tenure truly is a lonely island:

Gonna try this one at work next week:

Unlike my sex life, however, Big Data is real:

You clearly have not traveled very far into Youtube:

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