Sex Facts Are Too Spicy To Miss Them! (16 pics + 8 gifs)

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Typically, men burn more calories during sex compared to women. Men burn 100-200 calories while women average around 69 (zing?) calories.

Men may burn more calories, but women have longer orgasms. The average orgasm for a male lasts around 6 seconds compared to the 20 seconds women experience.

Sex helps cure headaches. It also helps with stress, boosts the immune system, improves bladder control in women, boosts libido, lowers blood pressure, lowers heart attack risk, lessens pain, makes prostate cancer less likely and aids in sleeping. Oh, and it feels pretty swell as well.

Studies show that smokers tend to enjoy sex less than non-smokers, having a slower response to orgasming — but there’s hope. Those studies also show that men who have quit smoking have stronger, longer lasting erections.

A survey revealed around 15% of women have experienced an orgasm while working out.

Only 25% of women orgasm from a result of penetration and 10% cannot even orgasm at all.

The scent of vanilla is known to cause arousal in women, while the smell of pumpkins causes arousal in men.

Granny and Gramps get busy, like, a lot. Medical institutions are reporting a rise in STI’s and STD’s in men above the age of 70, and a dramatic increase in sexual intercourse in adults over 65.

Around 12% of adults make whoopie in the workplace.

While the percentage of owning a dildo worldwide is 47%, nearly 75% of Japanese women own one.

Female ferrets die if they don’t have sex for a year.

Black raspberries, oysters, watermelons, ginger, figs, cloves, bananas, broccoli, and eggs all help improve your sex drive. Unrelated side note, mixing all of these together in a blender isn’t bad for your health, right?

Alabama and Mississippi have outlawed sex toys, but it’s only illegal if you get caught.

According to the Kama Sutra, there are at least 30 types of kisses.

Every man’s worst fear is a reality — the penis shrinks the older you get.

The average male penis is 5.6 inches, however, surveys have shown that most women “don’t care” about the actual length but more about how it’s used.

Give one single male 2 weeks and he’ll produce enough sperm to impregnate every single fertile woman on the planet.

Lesbians enjoy the lion’s share of orgasms, as they get off nearly 75% of the time when having sex. Straight women enjoy orgasms around 61% of the time.

Sex icon Marilyn Monroe admitted she’d never had an orgasm.

Dying while having sex is entirely possible — just ask these 4 popes.

The average length of a vagina is 3 to 4 inches long, and can expand up to 200% when a woman is aroused.

Before heading out for the night, spritz yourself with some Sex Panther. Studies show that you’re more sexually attractive when you smell good.

Think oral sex is just a human thing? Let us fuck you up with some truth — bats, wolves, bears, walruses, bonobos, goats, kangaroos and hyenas enjoy a little blowie action as well.

You can’t say happiness without saying penis.


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