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Some Foreplay Zones Are Perfect To Enhance The Sexual Experience (11 pics)

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Bikini Zone

This door step to the promised land is often overlooked, probably because of how overzealous we are to get to the goods. This is one of those areas though, that can take rounding the bases from a single to home run.


Ear nibbling is a little more niche. Personally, I’m not a fan. Apparently, this can be quite a turn-on for some people. A little kiss. A little lick. A litte… I might have to give this another try.


Behold the mighty weenis! Once you discover the power of elbow play, you’ll really be pissed you can’t lick your own. Perhaps the best part of this zone is that you can interact with it subtly in public and get a head start for the romp when you get home.

Hips and Sacrum

Those big bony gates to the birthing canal are actually loaded with nerves making them a very sensitive erotic zone. Don’t confuse the sacrum with the tailbone or coccyx though, that could get nasty real quick. Un… unless you’re into that shit.

Lower Stomach

Belly rubs aren’t just for dogs! The area between your pelvis and belly button is extremely sensitive, not to mention being close enough to the bits and pieces to get the blood pumping—literally. Massaging this area promotes blood flow to other erogenous zones.


I’m gonna leave the experimenting to you guys on this one, but I will report what I’ve read: The nose is not only one of the most sensitive, but one of the most accessible erogenous zones. I know what you’re thinking: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? I’m not playing some weird kink games with you though. The nose is made of erectile tissue. That tiny, sensitive area between the bottom of the nose and top lips can do magical things. That whole Eskimo kiss thing kind of makes sense now.


Chalk this up as one of the most ignored erogenous zones and is anyone really surprised? Then again, think of how wonderful it is when the girl cutting your hair gives you that little massage. I get chills just thinking about it.


Before the happy ending, there is a wonderful middle. Back massages have led to more sex than comfortable back seats. There’s a reason for that. It relieves stress while simultaneously raising arousal. The spine is like a mine field of erogenous zones.

Inner Thighs

This is like the final stretch before the finish line. Then again, in the right company you could live here for days.


Raise your hand if you lick pits! We’ll exclude the French and the hipsters from this one, cause no one wants to enter THAT forbidden forest. Believe it or not, men are particularly affected by this area too. Not only does it raise sexual arousal, but it also relieves tension in the shoulders. Next time, instead of asking her for a shoulder massage, just tell her to lick the pit…

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