Some Husbands And Boyfriends REALLY Care About Their Special Ones! (43 pics)

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I Replaced My Wife's Bathroom Scale

My Girlfriend Wanted A Place To Hang Stockings, So I Made Her This

I Made A Present For My Girlfriend. It Took Some Time

My Husband Created An 8-Bit V-Day Room With Over 7000 Memories On Sticky Notes

Message From The Gardener... Who Is Also My Husband Of 28 Years

I Made An Adult Pillow Fort For My Girlfriend Yesterday

Wife Went Away For 48 Hours And I Made This Window Seat For Her

I Made My Supercool Girlfriend A Leather Messenger Bag For Christmas

Check Out What My Boyfriend Made Me!

3 Years Ago My Wife Broke Down Crying Because We Couldn't Even Afford A Tree (Or Presents) For Christmas. So I Borrowed Some Lights And Made This In Our Empty Apartment. Now We Make One Every Year Along With A Real Tree To Remember Where We Used To Be

For Christmas, I Hand Carved A Bracelet Out Of A Solid Piece Of Wood For My Wife

For As Long As I Can Remember, I Have Wanted A Kitten. Came Home From Work To Find This Little Guy In My Lounge Room. I Do Have The Best Boyfriend Ever

Made An Enchanted Rose For My Wife

Wife Had A Bit To Much To Drink So I Made A Nice Romantic Candle Setting For Her With Pillow And Blankets By The Ivory Throne Complete With Hair Rubber Band, Water, Socks, And Nose Spray. I'm Going To Sleep, Candles Are Battery Operated

Renovated The Pantry While My Girlfriend Was Away For A Long Weekend

My Mom Is In Love With Snoopy So Her Boyfriend Built This Today To Surprise Her

I Made My Girlfriend A "Little" Breakfast

I Don't Have Much Money, So I Made My Girlfriend A Bouquet Of Paper Lilies As A Welcome Home Gift. Think She'll Like Them?

I Made Custom Leather Covers For Each Of The Harry Potter Books For My Girlfriend's Birthday

Woke My Wife Up On The "Right Side Of The Bed"

At Sea For A Month, I Return To This Mural Done By My Boyfriend

Low Poly Labrador Retriever Present For My Wife

I Made A Bench For My Wife Out Of Wood I Found In The Back Yard (Mostly)

Christmas Tree Ladder I Made For My Wife

Anon Custom Made These For Wife. These Need To Become A Thing Asap

Restored A 1910 Fire Extinguisher As A Gift For My Firefighter Girlfriend

An Owl That I Made For My Girlfriend

I Created A Magical Elven Ring That Turned My Girlfriend Into My Fiance

Made My Wife Got Dragon Eggs For Her Birthday

In Honor Of The Traditional Gift For The First Wedding Anniversary, I Made My Wife A Bouquet Of Paper Flowers! I Thought It Turned Out Rather Well For A Guy With Absolutely No Crafting Ability.

I Made Bacon Roses For My Wife

I Turned 30 Today And My Boyfriend Gave Me The Gift He's Been Working On For Over Two Months. A Custom Hand Made Settlers Of Catan Set + Extension. I'm An Incredibly Lucky Guy

I Made My Girlfriend A Sloth Ice Cream Cake For Her Birthday, Because She Loves Ice Cream And Sloths

I Made My Girlfriend And I Interlocking Topographic Pendants Of Our Hometown. The Split Is The Road Between Our Houses. Modeled In Solidworks And Cast In Bronze Through Shapeways

My Mom Died Last April, And Despite My Black Thumb And Utter Lack Of Interest In Gardening I Somehow Ended Up Inheriting One Of Her Christmas Cacti. My Husband Spent The Last 2 Months Manipulating/babying It And It Finally Paid Off: It's Bloomed For The First Time In Years

Wanted To Surprise The Wife With A Cat But I Couldn't Split These Guys Up. Meet Gus And Deets

I Made This For My Wife When We Were In High School, 9 Years Later She Still Cherishes It

I Made A Thing For My Girlfriend's Birthday. I Called It Happiness Meter Because The Closer To Me She Is, The Happier I Am

This Are My Salvador Dali Vans, Made By My Boyfriend For Me On Valentine's

Surprised My Girlfriend With This Little Nugget Named Ryder

My Boyfriend Bought Me A Present Yesterday

Made This For The Love Of My Life. Her Initials On My Half And My Initials On Her Half

While My Wife Was Out Of Town For A Week, I Remodeled Our Laundry Room



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