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Some Kinky Stats About Sexual Relationships (17 pics)

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79.2% of women lied to their partner about the number of ex’s they’ve had in the past where only 50.5% of men lied.

When asked if they’ve ever cheated on a partner, 59.6% of men answered no, where 69.1% of women answered no.

Of those that said they had cheated, 16.4% said it was one time, 52.4% said it was more than once, and 31.2% said it was still ongoing.

23.8% was with their partner’s friend, 22.4% with a work colleague, 3.9% with their partner’s family member, and 49.9% copped out an said “other.”

Some of the top reasons given for cheating were: lack of enjoyment and fun, not having enough sex, partner cheated first, or not being sexually satisfied by their partner.

When couples were asked if they would participate in an orgy, 19.9% said only if the other couples were hot, 24.1% said it would take a few drinks, and 56% no way.

The top things women like hearing their partners say during sex are:

– Make me call him daddy

– Tells me how tight it is

– Tells me how much they’re enjoying it

For women some of the preferred sexual assets they looked for are:

– Tall

– Athletic and fit

– Large penis

For men some of the preferred sexual assets they looked for are:

– Healthy body figure

– Big booty

– Firm breasts

Some of the top signs that a relationship is coming to an end are:

– Decreased sex

– Sexual performance problems

– No oral sex

– No morning sex

– Prefer masturbation or porn to the real deal

– Not eating breakfast together

The top 3 things couples do before having sex are:

– Drinking alcohol

– Drink coffee

– Do Drugs

When asked about things people do behind their partner’s back, the top answers were:

– Use dating apps like Tinder

– Watch porn

– Think about an ex during sex

– Secretly Snapchat with an ex

Some of the top situations couples are least likely to have sex are:

– Just visited family

– Hungover

– Hungry

Top things women disliked about their partners are:

– Weird noises

– Ejaculates too quickly

– Changes position too frequently

– Penis too small

Top things men disliked about their partners are:

– Makes too much noise

– Breasts too small

– Lack of booty

– Too loose

During sex, things women thought about were:

– Work

– Television

– Sports

During sex, things men thought about were:

– Porn

– Ex’s

– Food

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