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Japanese Porn Industry Has A Very Mysterious History (10 pics)

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The Japanese porn industry dates to 794 A.D. when an art form known as shunga, meaning “Spring,” sprang up. The art consisted of sexual acts, usually men on men or women on women, painted on scrolls.

During the second world war, Japan banned all pornography. The end of WWII also saw Japan’s first “obscenity trial” over the translation and production of the D.H. Lawrence work, Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

It’s not surprising nowadays to meet someone with a fetish for Japanese porn. They push the envelope and that appeals to many people. What may be surprising is that Japanese people also have a fetish for Western porn, or Yomono as they call it. Western pornography exploded in Japan after WWII when men there discovered Playboy.

Japan was an early adopter of the gay porn industry, starting in the 1950’s and picking up steam from there. Bara as they call it, exploded in popularity in the 70’s, however, with the launch of a magazine titled, Barazoku which was the first gay magazine sold in bookshops in Asia.

As I’m sure you’ve “accidentally” discovered, Japanese porn is frustratingly pixelated. Individuals who sell and/or peddle porn are looked down upon and even viewed as criminals. On top of that, showing female genitalia in Japan is culturally disparaged.

About that pixilation… Japanese authorities raided an underground porn shop in 2014 that claimed to have a machine that could subvert the censorship. Long story short, it doesn’t remove the pixilation, it essentially just smooths it out and makes images easier to decipher.

Typically, this is one of man’s favorite fetishes. If you’re browsing the Japanese underground, look for ”yuri”. This is their name for porn featuring girl on girl fetish action. Shockingly, this sort of pornography isn’t nearly as highly sought after in Japan as it is in Western countries.

Japanese authorities believe there is a direct correlation between the significant decline of sex crimes since the 70’s, and the burgeoning porn industry that has since gripped the country.

If you’re a man and you’ve dreamed about starring in porn than you may want to think about a move to Japan. According to Japanese porn star Shimiken, there are roughly 10,000 female porn stars per 70 men in the industry.

The Japanese porn queen, Yumika Hayashi, starred in over 400 pornos and “pink films” in her 16-year career. She left a gaping hole in the industry when she passed away in 2005.

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