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How To Decorate Your Christmas In “Die Hard” Style (18 pics + 1 gif)

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First, save and print this hi-res photo by following this link. We’ll let KiwiCupcake take it from here.

“Here’s what else you’ll need (besides a color printer). Paper (ideally heavy photo paper or printer cardboard), aluminum foil, glue, scissors, a piece of wire, and something pointy to poke a hole with.”

“Print the cut-out sheet, cut off the 2 John McClanes at the bottom (but don’t cut them apart), and cut the rest in half along the dotted line.”

“Cut off the borders, and you should end up with the above 3 pieces. The parts with hatched lines will later be covered with aluminum foil.”

“Fold the pieces along the lines as shown above.”

“The piece marked as (1) is the upper half of the box. Poke a hole in it for the hook (there is a small black dot that marks the center).”

“Now glue aluminum foil onto the middle part of piece (1). You can let it overlap a bit on the outer parts since they won’t be visible later. Since a ventilation duct looks more matte than shiny, I used the foil with the matte side up.”

“Cover the inside of piece (2) entirely with aluminum foil. Cut off the overlapping bits and re-poke the hole in piece (1).”

“Now turn both pieces around and do the exact opposite: Cover piece (1) entirely with foil, but only the middle part of piece (2). This will be on the outside later, so I used the aluminum foil with the shiny side up this time.”

“Make sure to bend the sides at a 90° angle as you glue the foil to the paper. Once again cut off the overlap and reopen the hole for the hook.”

“Bend the wire as shown above and push it through the hole.”

“Bend the other side of the wire into a hook.”

“Apply glue to the side parts that aren’t covered in foil.”

“Glue the two halves together. We’re almost done!”

“Apply some glue to the white flap of the inner John McClane part.”

“Glue both McLanes together. Bend this part a bit as shown above and insert it in the finished box.”

All done! You’ve now got a double-sided, John-McClane-trapped-in-a-vent tree ornament.

Credits: imgur.com

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