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There Are Some TV Shows That Are More Controversial Than “Game Of Thrones”! (12 pics)

Posted in Random » Interesting   5 Dec 2017   / 6688 views

#1: Spartacus: Blood and Sand

“Blood and Sand” is the first and most highly acclaimed season of “Spartacus”. It’s the story of a Thracian slave becoming a gladiator, and him and the other slaves do a lot more than fight for their masters.

#2: Shameless

“Shameless” is a comedy/drama, in which almost every character has sex at some point, some more shameful than others.

#3: True Blood

This is your average “Twilight” inspired vampire show, but finally X-rated, where the biting leads to crazy “I’m loosing blood but for some reason I’m fine with this” sex.

#4: Rome

“Rome” is more of a historical drama, and therefore has less random sex scenes than “Spartacus”. So, choose your next binge wisely.

#5: Californication

Tom is a novelist suffering from writer’s block, so he essentially passes the time by sleeping with every woman in California while dealing with his problems.

#6: Black Sails

“Black Sails” is a prequel to the novel “Treasure Island”, and featuring the finest pirate booty.

#7: Banshee

This crime thriller takes place in a small town called Banshee, PA, with gangs, a mob boss, and, of course, sex.

#8: Outlander

“Outlander” is a British/American series about a time traveler, so they get down and dirty in different time periods.

#9: Masters of Sex

An awkward, but brilliant scientist becomes a pioneer of sex research with his assistant Virginia through watching couples have sex over and over and over. He’s brilliant alright.

#10: The Girlfriend Experience

As you could probably guess, “The Girlfriend Experience” is about a girl who goes into prostitution. She does so after becoming an escort to pay for law school.

#11: Orange is the New Black

As one would expect from a show about a women’s prison, there’s a lot of lesbians. But, also straight women who just need to get their jollies off for the next 3-5 years.

#12: Vinyl

“Vinyl” focuses on the music scene in New York in the 1970s. So, it focuses on sex and drugs.

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