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Redheads Have No Soul But Have Superpowers (15 pics)

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With only 2% of the population being natural redheads, they truly are rare. Coming across a natural born ginger in the wild and taming them is akin to finding the last unicorn.

Because they carry the MC1R gene, the gene that gives them their hair color, redheads also have a significantly higher threshold for pain. I’m not saying this is the reason for Irishmen’s propensity to punch each other’s faces, but it might have something to do with it. In a study, McGill University found that redhead women can tolerate 25% more pain than other hair colors.

Redheads also take significantly more anesthesia to put under, according to a study done by The University of Louisville. When a brunette may need one shot of Novocain at the dentist, a redhead will need 2-3. Badasses.

Now shit gets weird. Redheads are far more sensitive to detecting changes in the weather than anyone else, due to that same MC1R gene. Unfortunately, it also makes them far more susceptible to changes in the weather. If you know a redhead who’s always cold, this is probably why. Sansa Stark legit knows when winter is coming.

According to history of comedy professor Andrew Scott, redheads are historically the funniest too. He believes it has to do with how much more they stand out on a stage and is the reason many, if not most, clown wigs are red.

While most women begin to lose their hair color and search shelves for the right tone, redheads can relax knowing they’ll stay red for far longer. Because of the fact red hair fades first to copper, then to blonde, it isn’t until very late in the game that a redhead will go gray.

According to research done by cognitive scientist and psychologist Dr. Barry Kaufman, redheads have a distinct advantage in “the mating game.” Not only are redheads more rare, appealing to our exotic side, red is also more arousing than any other color, according to Kaufman.

Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about vitamins. The mutation that gives redheads their fiery locks, also means they need less Vitamin D than the rest of us and are able to naturally produce the vitamin more quickly. This also makes our rosy friends less susceptible to diabetes, rickets and arthritis.

Need more evidence?


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I would trade my soul for one of these gingers