Weight Loss Transformations That Show What Power Of Will Can Do (40 pics)

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Having been hurt by her boyfriend’s offenses, this girl lost 60 kg and married another man.
This girl lost 60 kg within 2 years because of health problems and being bullied. Now she is a fitness instructor.
This guy forgot about excuses and started to act. He lost 55 kg.
This man lost 192 kg, and he found happiness both in his personal life and in a new job.
This guy had serious health problems because of extra weight, but he took control of the situation and lost 83 kg.
This girl lost 93 kg in one year so that her beloved one could finally hug her properly.
This coach gained and lost 30 kg to support his trainee.
This woman got rid of her chocolate addiction, lost 52 kg, and became a bodybuilder.
This girl lost 51 kg to look like her idol: Kim Kardashian.
This girl lost 55 kg and has sustained her current weight for 7 years already.
Thanks to training and refusing fast food, this girl lost 67 kg in one year.
This man has been fighting his extra 86 kg for 3 years, and he did it! Perfect result!
Within one year, this guy lost 113 kg and changed drastically.
Before his wedding, this guy managed to lose 65 kg of extra weight.
This guy lost 186 kg, and he looks amazingly cool.
This girl lost 61 kg within 1.5 years, and she has managed to sustain her new weight for 3 years already.
This man decided to change the way he was living. He decided to let his dreams be bigger than his excuses. It worked. Now he is a fitness trainer.
True friends can do anything together.
"My girlfriend was overweight her entire life until she finally decided to make a change. She lost 99 lb."
"2 years ago, I decided to make a change. 50 lb later, I’m training for a half marathon and wore this dress to work today!"
"I’ve lost over 160 lb since 2014 and run in my 3rd marathon in 23 days!"
"I’m 55 years old, and I weigh 105 lb less than I did last year. My wife lost 61 lb. No tricks, we just ate better and exercised."
"So I lost 295 lb in the last decade."
"In the last 9 months, I have gone from a binge drinker to a calorie counter and a weight lifter, all while emotionally recovering from an abusive attitude."
"I’m 25, and my height is 66 inches (168 cm). I used to weigh 370 lb. I lost 171 lb in 11 months. I can’t believe the new me. My goal is about 140, and I know I will make it."
"85 lb lost and a new life gained. Bring on the next adventure!"
"One year of no alcohol has changed my life. I lost 53 lb, and I’m 1,000 times happier."
"I lost 193 lb in 2 years."
"Our combined weight loss is 180 lb."
"Managed to lose weight from 220 lb to 119 lb in 3 years by running each day in any weather."
"I lost weight from 279 lb to 198 lb and to 145 lb. 26 lb are still to be lost, but I’m happy and proud of myself."
"I lost 178 lb and finally got rid of my belly."
"80 lb down since September 2016."
"3 months of keto diet weight loss success."
"I used to weigh 275 lb and lost 92 lb. I keep upgrading my body and growing muscles. I put my diet in order and became healthier, happier. And I travel a lot."
"Mom lost 100 lb naturally through diet and exercise."
"Over 65+ lb lost."
"I lost 125 lb when I stopped consuming alcohol, fast food, and sweets."
"15-month ’pokemon go’ diet."
"I lost almost 297 lb in 2 years with the help of a nutritionist who believed in me. Her expression is everything."

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