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This Squirrel Never Forgot Who Saved Her Life (16 pics + 1 gif)

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Back in October 2009, this baby squirrel was found injured and alone after an apparent owl attack

Rescuers placed the poor thing with Brantley Harrison and her family in SC, who soon named her Bella

For 5 months, the Harrisons lovingly raised and nurtured Bella back to health alongside three other squirrels

Eventually, the time came to release all 4 squirrels into the wild, never to be seen again after a few days

One of their former guests, however, just kept coming back to visit every single morning

It was Bella! The little lady just wasn’t ready to part with the family that saved her life

Whenever she stops by, she asks for nothing more than a handful of walnuts and plenty of cuddles

“Bella sits right at the front door waiting for someone to notice she has come by for a visit,” Brantley says

“She has even resorted to jumping over to the dining room window to peer in for someone to see her”

A few years later, Bella turned up one morning with an injured foot – and a secret surprise

Just before she was re-released, Bella gave birth to three babies, and was once again in need of care

“It was truly amazing to watch the baby I raised raise her own babies,” Brantley commented

Though it’s been 8 years since Bella and the Harrisons first met, their bond is still just as strong

Bella even has her own Instagram account now, where her human family documents her adventures

“My husband will be running late for something and rushes out the door to be greeted by her…”

“And he HAPPILY runs back inside… and goes back out to spend some time with her”

This just might be the SWEETEST human-animal friendship we’ve ever seen!

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