These Girls Ain’t Dating Anyone While Their Dads Are Around (33 pics)

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Daughter Ricarra Was Having A Pre-Dance Photo Session With Her Boyfriend When Her Father Benjamin Decided To Get In On The Fun

A Girl Got A Text From A Boy Asking To See Her In Her Bra, Dad Replied

Had My Girlfriend's Parents Over For Dinner For The First Time , Her Dad Wore This

Throwback To When I Decided To Tell My Mom I Have A Boyfriend And Shit Hit The Fan

Dad Making Sure My New Boyfriend Is Competent

Just A Dad And His Friends Ensuring His Daughter Is Taken Care Of At Prom

I Asked My Friend To Prom, And Her Dad Made Me Fill Out This Application

After Breaking Up With A Boyfriend In High School, My Dad Presented Me With This Cake

I'm At Chick-Fil-A And There's Two Kids On A Date And The Dad Is Right Next To Them Chaperoning

My Dad Is A Big Reason I Didn't Have Many Boyfriends Growing Up

Here Is My Dad's Gift To My Younger Sister. He Calls It The "Birth Control Blanket"

My Friend And His Girlfriend Took A Funny Picture, Then Her Dad Made It Epic

You Think My Son Will Come Home From Prom Alive?

Wife Pointed This Out Before My Bike Ride Today. I Believe My Father-In-Law Is The Culprit

"My Daughter Is Going To Her First Disco"

One Of The First Things Adam Bought Her When He Found Out We Were Having A Baby

When Your Dad Thinks Your Shorts Are Too Short, Even Though She's An Adult

My Dad Literally Just Came In The Living Room Without Saying A Word With This Shirt On

This Is My Friend And Her Boyfriend With Her Dad. He Aint No One To F*ck With On Prom

My Friend Just Posted This With The Caption "Daddy And I Getting Ready For My First Date!"

Brought My Little Girl A Bag For Her 14th Birthday. Don't Know If She Really Like It To Be Honest

This Dad Who Offered To Help Fix His Daughter's Prom Date's Suit For Him

My Girlfriend's Dad Wanted To Be In One Of Our Pictures

My Fiancé Sent Me This Picture Of Her Dad 3 Days Before The Wedding

Here’s A Funny Picture My Friend Took With His Daughter. This Is Not A Joke, People

What Do You Mean You're Scared Of My Dad? He's A Teddy Bear!

I Prefer To Drop Her Off So That If There Are Any Boys At These Parties They Can See My Daughter Has A Very Over Protective Dad

Got Sydney A Sleepsack To Keep Her Legs Together. I'm Making Her Wear It Till She Graduates College

I Went Over To My Biker Friend's House Today. He Was In The Kitchen 'Entertaining' His 16-Year-Old Daughter And Her New Boyfriend. That's A String Cheese



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