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Don’t Order Sex Dolls From China… (17 pics)

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This student was having a hard time with girls and that’s why he decided to order a sex doll for himself. That’s what he wrote in his blog about what he got:

I waited so long to get this white beauty!

She resembled a real woman – maybe I could become more confident thanks to her

Every day I looked at her again and again

But the best thing was – she could be easily folded. If my friends entered the room, I could’ve easily hidden her

But you know what? I was deceived, my dreams crushed! Instead of a beautiful doll I got a parody

Yes, I decided to inflate her. I thought she’d look better that way

The result literally made me hate her! I wanted to get my dream, not this…

She was constantly looking at me…

…was fat and clumsy

I wanted to kill her!

Used her as a punching bag

Even wanted to shoot her

There wasn’t a day without us fighting. But deep inside I understood that she loved me…

Eventually I was fed up with her tears. Once I just picked this abomination up

We spent a night together. At first, I didn’t understand what happened, but…

Now we are together! I fell in love with her, without expecting it. Now we are doing everything together. And you know what, she’s beautiful!

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Thankfully there's a lot of pictures, so it didn't take long to read this waste of time.