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Best Pictures Brought To You By US And Canada Freezing Over (40 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   4 Jan 2018   / 4300 views

Making The Best Of The Cold Weather In Canada

Ny Covered In Snow

It Was Cold So I Gave My Dog My Jacket

Niagara Falls Is Frozen

63 Inches Of Snow In 2 Days

Started Off The Year With A Quick Trip To St Joseph Michigan. The Arctic Weather Has The Lighthouse And Pier Frozen Solid

It's So Cold In Canada That Windows Are Cracking

It's So Cold That The Steam From The Sewer Grate Turns Into Snow

Icicles Form On The Tritons In The Forsyth Park Fountain

Frozen Minnehaha Falls

Pancake Ice Has Formed In A Secluded Bay Near North Avenue Beach

We Live In Erie, Pa, And Got 53” Of Snow In 30 Hours

Time To Learn How To Ice-Climb

Boston On Ice

A Man Removes Snow From The Sidewalk In Front Of His Home After Two Days Of Record-Breaking Snowfall In Erie, Pennsylvania

The Paint For This Parking Lot Space Has Shattered

This Is The Snow Level In Midland, Ontario Right Now. Time To Go Sledding!

City Of Erie Traffic Engineering Employee Uses Compressed Air To Clear Snow From A Traffic Signal

The Bitterly Cold Temperatures Have Reduced The Amount Of Open Water, Concentrating Waterfowl And Eagles Alike In Those Places Where Water Is Running

The Thing Formerly Know At The 'Back Deck'. Still Snowing

A Meer 3 Hours North Of Toronto

Man Digging Out His Car After A Storm Brought 34 Inches Of Snow

A Boy Has His Face Bundled Against Temperatures In Washington

A Pedestrian Walks Along The Chicago River

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