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Pets Who Just Came Back From The Vet, And Their Hilarious Reactions (40 pics)

Posted in Animals   5 Jan 2018   / 6239 views

Wife Sent This After Picking Up Our Dog After Surgery Today. Says He's "Still Under The Influence."

Took Porkchop To The Vet Today. This Was The Before And After Pics. This Was The Look I Got The Entire Ride Home

My Mom's Crazy Cat Was Prescribed Valium. Now I Get Daily Pictures Of A Cat Who Is High Out Of His Mind

My Cat, Bagheera, After He Was Fixed. He Was So Stoned He Was Rubbing His Face On The Cat Carrier Cage The Whole Way Back. Here He Is, Still Tripping Balls After Getting Home

So, My Dog Had To Get Surgery And Now He's Drugged Up. I Should Feel Sorry For Him But I Can't Stop Laughing

I Work At A Vet And This Doggie Was Waking Up From A Little Sedation She Had Done For X-Rays. She's Fine, Just A Little Limp

My Friends Husky After The 3rd Time She Had To Be Shaved Down For A Tick. She Refuses To Take The Vets Treats Now

Picked My Dog Up From The Vet And She Was Still A Little High From The Anesthesia. Couldn't Help But Take A Photo Of Her

Our Dachshund Hurt His Back, So The Vet Gave Him Muscle Relaxers. High As A Kite

The Vet Gave My Dogs Some Narcotics After A Spinal Injury. He's Had This Expression For 3 Days Straight

Here’s My Cat, Bonaparte, Enjoying His High On Meds From The Vet For Our Cross Country Drive

My Friend Works At A Vet And Just Posted This To Facebook. Apparently This Dog Just Woke Up From Sedation

Brought Him Home From Minor Surgery Yesterday (Cat Bite). Needless To Say, He Hadn't Recovered Yet

Vet Gave My Dog An Opiate To Treat Her Pain After A Copperhead Bite. She's Been Sitting Like This For 20 Minutes Now

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