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US Is Still Lagging Behind The Rest Of The World With It's Healthcare System (40 pics)

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The "Radical" Idea Of Universal Healthcare

I Had To Pay $39.35 To Hold My Baby After He Was Born

All You Need To Know About American Healthcare System Is That There's A Popular TV Series Where A Man Turns To Cooking Industrial Quantities Of Crystal Meth In Order To Pay For His Hospital Bills

Medical Treatment Is A Privelege

A Copy Of The Bill We Got When Our Daughter Was Born In Canada

Almost A Dystopian World Where People Wear Tags Like That

At Least We’re First In Something

We Dressed Up As Universal Healthcare For Halloween. In America, This Is Terrifying To Half Of Our Population!

Why Americans Are So Friendly

If "Breaking Bad" Had Been Set In Anywhere But America

The American Healthcare System Be Like

Abortion Is Murder And Every Life Is Precious But You Should Definitely Get A 3rd Job If Your Baby Is Sick

As A Brit, This Is How I Plan To Dress When I Visit The US After Reading About The Cost Of Simple Healthcare

I Work In A Hospital Laboratory. I Ordered A Pack Of These Cheap Plastic Rulers From Ebay For About $6. Our Medical Supplier Charges More Than $80 For The Exact Same Rulers. This Is Why Health Care Costs Are Out Of Control

People Are Calling Uber To Be Taken To The Emergency Room Instead Of Ambulances

The Only Insurance I Can Afford In America

My Cousins Child Birth Bill From The Hospital In The USA. Never Seen Anything This High

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i live in a south american 3rd world country and have better health care.