Heartwarming Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity (42 pics)

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This man was dancing at a party, but he was laughed at and stopped. It could have ended like this, in shaming and disappointment, but for a group of LA women led by Cassandra Fairbanks.

1,727 ladies organized a search to throw a party under the #finddancingman hashtag. The story touched many people and attracted celebrities like Pharrell Williams and Moby, who offered to be a free DJ at the event.

And they did it! His smile says it all.

This young man noticed that several kids in his class didn’t eat during lunch. He came home and told his mom that he wanted to share food with them. They packed a whole box of snacks and brought it to school to feed the boy’s classmates. Could they be sweeter?

Walking down a street in Athens, an unknown photographer captured this scene. A stranger bought a new pair of shoes for a homeless man, who was sitting in the street barefoot. The homeless man was so touched that he cried.

This Finnish guy saved a wild turtle from a highway by moving it to a safe place.

Michael Sulsona, a Vietnam veteran, lost both legs when he stepped on a mine in the war. One day, when he was at Lowe’s, his old wheelchair broke.

3 workers from Lowe’s rushed to help immediately. They moved Michael to a chair, and then they took apart his wheelchair and replaced the worn-out details and broken parts. They promised to make it work like new, and they succeeded.

“It was our honor,” they said when Michael thanked them.

Lady Gaga took a picture with a homeless man and gave him some cash. He was surprised and said he smelled. “Don’t worry. I smell too,” she replied.

Meet Jeremy, a sales representative for Vitamix juicers. One day at work, he met a lady suffering from cancer. They started discussing the power of vitamins found in fruits and vegetables and their cancer-healing properties. The lady couldn’t afford to buy the expensive juicer and was clearly disappointed by this fact. She left to continue her shopping, but Jeremy approached her and presented her with a brand-new Vitamix juicer. The lady cried and gave him a warm hug.

It turned out that Jeremy bought the juicer for this lady from his own pocket. “It was just a split second that God touched me, and I knew that I had to buy it for her,” he said.

Gage, a worker at Publix, noticed an old man with a loose shoelace. The older gentleman couldn’t tie it because it was hard for him to bend down. Gage approached the man and tied both laces with a smile on his face.

When entering a train, a man slipped, and his leg got trapped between the carriage and the platform. People gathered around him to push the incredibly heavy carriage and free the man.

These 3 German students showed their kindness by collecting some money for this homeless man. A guy approached the man and asked to borrow his bucket because he wanted to play it like a drum. When he started playing, another guy sat down next to him with his guitar and joined the performance. Then came the girl.

People crowded around them, listening to the improvised concert and giving money. When the students finished their song, they left, leaving a hat with coins to the surprised man.

This owner’s dog, Phoebe, passed away. They decided to express their sorrow by giving other dog owners some joyful moments with their pets.

One day, 2 fawns were born in a man’s backyard. One of them had injured her leg and fell down while walking. The man brought her into his home, made her a brace, and fed the baby with milk throughout her period of healing.

When her leg was successfully healed, he managed to find the baby deer’s mother and released her back to her family.

When the temperature outside rises, koalas search for our help. This photo was captured in 2009. A cyclist stopped to give a thirsty animal some water from his bottle.

And this seems to be a common practice in these cute bears. Luckily, there are kind people in the world who are ready to help.

Duncan Scuva, a South African rapper, happened to be in a mall with his friend. When they saw a poor boy, their first thought was that he was begging to buy drugs. They gave him some money and asked him to spend the cash on food. Duncan was about to leave, but suddenly he turned around and saw the boy praying.

He returned. It turned out that the boy was begging for money to feed his family, and Scuva decided to help. He took the boy to a supermarket, filled a cart with products an average family needs, and drove him home. When the boy’s mom saw this gesture of compassion, it made her cry.

This dog was saved by Mark Monaghan and gave him a thank you kiss a moment after the shot was taken.

This man covered a woman in a wheelchair with the only umbrella he had.

Sometimes we all need a superhero to come and tell us that everything will get better. So Batman decided to visit kids at Mattel Children’s Hospital to cheer them up and wish them a happy Halloween.

In September 2016, when Chelsea, New York, was bombed, police officers and other services went through pretty tough times in attempts to save and protect citizens.

Yet people didn’t remain indifferent. This particular shot shows a guy handing coffee and pastries to the officers. And this guy wasn’t the only person who decided to thank their protectors in this way.

“I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Maybe you never will. But that doesn’t matter. Whatever your story, your hopes, your dreams, your passion (or lack of), I care about you as a person. Even if we have different views and different goals, I want you to succeed. Make the best out of the life you have, find the light amidst the darkness. Life is difficult, believe me I know, but I want you to walk out of here with your head held high because you are doing your best to make it in a complicated world. I know it won’t be easy, but it’s a lot easier when you have at least one person pulling for ya. So, if you ever feel down on yourself, just know you’ve got at least one random stranger out there who wants you to make it.

Sincerely, A Student

Popped into HM to buy a sweater for work… this guy follows me in, says,”You probably don’t remember me. I see you walk down this street a few times a week and you give a dollar to at least one homeless person, you’ve given me at least $30 over the last six months. I finally found a job and a place to live. Thanks.” Then hands me $50 and walks away.”





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