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This Is Why Growing Up In The 90s Was A Real Struggle (26 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   31 Jan 2018   / 5936 views

You wanted to call a friend? Better grab your enormous list of phone numbers:

And don't get me started on if you wanted to call literally anyone else:

You want to open a program? Hope you have 35 minutes:

You wanted to enjoy that program? Hope you enjoy this:

I mean, if you were downloading something you had to EARN IT:

And if you wanted to go on the internet? Every website pretty much looked like this:

Not to mention mouse gunk, so much mouse gunk:

You wanted to listen to a CD? Hope you have 35 minutes:

You wanted THAT CD? Hope you enjoy scratches:

And don't even get me started on "skip protection":

If you wanted to rent a movie you had to pray no one beat you to it:

And if you wanted to see what was on TV you had to hope and pray you didn't miss your channel:

I mean, this was a time when you had to carry around a big giant list of directions JUST to get hopelessly lost on a road trip:

And you wanted to see a movie? Hope you can find that paper you just threw out:

But seriously — imagine hearing this phrase in 2018:

And imagine taking a picture and not being able to see it IMMEDIATELY:

Not to mention ending every phone call caught in a WEB:

Or in a door:

Or just having to untangle this knot EVERY time:

Let's be honest — 75% of all the oxygen during the '90s was expended trying to get video games to work again:

And there wasn't an app for weather... just a channel, man. JUST A CHANNEL!

I mean, you don't know true fear until you've experienced the fear of someone taping over your precious VHS:

Or... this... THIS:

And cellphones? Well, most of owning a phone was just looking at this screen:

And telling someone to call you back when your minutes were free:

Oh, not to mention sitting on the toilet contemplating your life choices:

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