What You Could Eat At The World’s Second Best Restaurant (19 pics)

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Osteria Francescana is 2017’s #2 restaurant in the world (former #1), 3 Michelin’s stars, and the most famous restaurant in Italy so far. Finding a table at Massimo Bottura’s is not a simple game: with only 12 tables and a 3 months advance reservation policy. Here’s what a dinner tasting menu looks like.

Amuse bouche #1: Dried tomato macaron with mozzarella and anchovies filling. A cute savory-instead-of-sweet approach. I really liked how the flavor of dried tomatoes mingled with the anchovy filling.

Amuse bouche #2: Lemon granita, lemon foam, and lemon salt rim. A very refreshing course with nice salty contrast. (And a beautiful charger plate.)

Now comes the real bread course. My favorite was the whole grain croissant with crunchy crust, which went great with olive oil.

First course: anchovies bread cylinder

Wine pairing: Malvasia 2012 Raccaro

You break the bread into pieces to get soup with herbs and peppers and vinegared anchovies. The soup was surprisingly lukewarm, as I thought it would be hot. It pairs beautifully with the Malvasia, softening sharp notes of the wine and bringing out sweetness of the dish.

Second course: East meets west: dumplings with shrimp and shrimp foam and crispy lentils in sauce.

Wine pairing: Timorasso Farewell 2011 Massa Glocal

Super intense shrimp taste, crispy shrimp flesh within. The flavor mixed very well. The wine pairing is elegant and brings out oaky richness of the dish and the sweetness of the shrimp without being fishy.

Third course: red mullet with shrimp stuffing and green and black olives and crispy bread crust.

Wine pairing: Timorasso Farewell 2011 Massa Glocal

Really intense fish and tomato sauce. Beautiful wine pairing that brought out the fruity playful notes of the wine. This course and the one before really showed off their skill with sauces.

Fourth course: lamb pretending to be oyster

Wine pairing: Distillato di Genziana di Boroni

The dish looks like oyster, but is actually lamb tartar with oyster cream and green apple granita. It really does taste like oyster; the smoothness of the raw lamb does a good job imitating the real thing. The food brings out herbal notes in the liquor. A very playful dish.

Fifth course: caesar salad with bacon and vinegar and parmesan cheese.

Wine pairing: Distillato di Genziana di Boroni diluted with water

The watered down grappa is very herbal and refreshing, a very inspired pairing with the fresh, crunchy lettuce.

Sixth course: snails in the garden

Wine pairing: Birra Beltaine castagne affumicate e ginepro (smoked chestnut beer)

Cute presentation. Cute presentation. The snails themselves don’t have much taste, but the texture is good. I didn’t like the pairing with the rich smoked chestnut beer.

Seventh course: lasagna with crispy pasta sheet, bechamel sauce, meal sauce.

Wine pairing: Nekaj Tocai 2009 Damijan Podversic

Great textural contract. Super traditional essential meat sauce with creamy, fluffy bechamel sauce. Paired with dry tokaji, which reveals its fruity side with food.

Eighth course: frogs in the pond

Eighth course: frogs in the pond Wine pairing: Succo di rbarbaro Van Nahmen

Crispy frog legs with herb sauce, pasta, bread croutons, and hazelnuts. This course had an awesome whimsical pairing with amazing rhubarb nectar from Germany. The rhubarb nectar was one of the best things I tasted that night, or ever. I really admire the fun pairing of frogs with rhubarb.

Ninth course: pigeon breast with beet sauce and pickled vegetables.

Wine pairing: Passo Nero 2010 Arianna Occhipinti

First of all the presentation is beautiful. The pairing with a passito style Nero d’Avola is daring and very delicious, I would not have thought to pair a sweet wine with meat but it worked very well. (On second thought, people do cook duck with port…) This was a fun take on the classic sweet and sour poultry genre,  e.g. duck a l’orange or sweet and sour chicken.

Tenth course: pancake with foie gras apple onion rhubarb filling, reduced milk ice cream, sour cherry and maple syrup.

Wine pairing: Verduzzo 2012 Marco Sara

The pancake is salty, sweet, and rich, which actually makes the dessert wine taste more tart. A very balanced dish.

Eleventh course: raviolo of pumpkin, capers, and orange peel with citrus juice and vinegar.

A very creative mix of savory, sweet, and tart.

Mignardises: brownies, passion fruit pates de fruit, ear gray madeleines, amaretti cookies, gianduja chocolates, coffee cream truffles.

Credits:  cavemancircus.com
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Fenrisulven 2 year s ago
Never go to places like this if you are broke and/or hungry!
Never underestimate the power of large crowds, of stupid people.



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