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Kicking Myths About Masturbation Right In The Nuts (6 pics + 1 gif)

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The Truth

It’s fair to assume that constantly stroking your private parts can cause some sort of damage. However, the truth is that this is extremely unlikely to cause any damage to you. This is because your genitals are essential to reproduction. We’ve evolved to have very resilient genitals- so, unless you’re wanking with sandpaper, you should be fine. It doesn’t hurt to use some form of lubricant, though.


The Truth

Guilt is the only mental issue that one might experience when masturbating. This is the result of being told that masturbation is wrong. The truth is that despite what people may say, masturbation alone does not cause any physical or mental health problems.


The Truth

The reality is that you aren’t given a finite number of times that you can bust nuts. You are welcome to experience however many orgasms you want throughout your life. You will not be “used up” sexually from masturbating too many times. In fact, a normal male will constantly be reproducing sperm and “filling up the tank.” So you shouldn’t ever run out.


The Truth

Women are very well equipped to experience wonderful sexual sensations. Whether it’s through their nipples, clitoris, lips, even their toes, erotic stimulation will be responded to regardless of where the stimulation comes from. Vibrators, being a concentrated form of stimulation, can help a woman achieve orgasm faster, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the only way she can do it.


The Truth

In no way is masturbation a form of disrespect or cheating. If you don’t allow your partner to masturbate, you’re off your rocker. Masturbation is a perfectly healthy activity that has plenty of proven health benefits such as stress relief. So in denying your partner the freedom to masturbate, you’re essentially denying their health, you ass.


The Truth

A good deal of myths revolving around masturbation come from the times when people truly believed that the only purpose for sex was to reproduce. In order to prevent people from pleasuring themselves, a plethora of myths regarding masturbation were thought up. You won’t go blind, you won’t get hairy palms, and you won’t go insane.

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