Valentine’s Day Is A Wide Field For Design Fails (34 pics)

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Bringing Both Your Wife And Gf To The Same Restaurant On Valentines Day? Good Idea!

This Just Might Be The Worst Valentine's Day Card We Have Ever Seen

To All The Single Ladys Out There, Happy Valentine!

I Get A Very Rapey Feeling From My Valentine Mints Quote...

File For Divorce? Not Quite The First Gift I Had In Mind For Valentine's Day...

Heart Shape Headphone Splitter Looks Like A Nut Sack

This Is Either The Best Valentines Day Gift, Or The Worst Valentines Day Gift

Are Those Date Rape Pills In The Valentines Section Cvs?

Great Idea For Valentine's Day

Um, Yeah. Not The Valentine's Day Gift You Really Wanna Give Or Get

What Not To Get Your Love For Valentine’s Day

Walmart Valentine's Day Fail

I Love You To The And Moon Back!

The Couple Chosen For This White Castle Valentine's Day Ad

Had To Take A Second Look At This Valentine's Card

I'm Sorry Reese's, But Your Attempt At A Heart Looks Like A Nutsack

Is This Really The Best Design For Valentine's Gift?

Cupid Giving Some "Love" To An Unsuspecting Heart

This Valentine's Day "Love" Banner

Pretty Sure That 1/2 Of This Valentine's Bamboo Heart Plant Is Dead

They're Rolling Out The Valentine's Day Stuff Early At Target, But I Don't Think They Really Thought This One Through

A Perfect Message For Your Special Valentine

The Word Choice On This Valentine's Puzzle...

Product Helping You To Tell That Your Valentine Smells


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