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These Jobs Were Impossible To Bear For More Than One Day (12 pics)

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In the next few months, the Quantico Package Store, which opens at 6 a.m. during the week, will start holding off on alcohol sales until 8 a.m., as new restrictions are being placed on alcohol sales in Marine Corps Exchange facilities.


… Why did she call me at work to tell me this? The Blockbuster I worked at was in a strip mall type area behind my cul-de-sac, my house and the Blockbuster was separated by a small alley and a 3 min walk. I told my manager what was happening and asked if I could leave to help my mom while they waited for the ambulance. She said no. I just stood there looking at her thinking she couldn’t be serious I would be gone for all of 10 mins and back helping her if needed. She stressed how important it was to get the things done that needed to be done and I could only leave if I called around to the other workers and found someone to come in and cover for me while I was gone. I took off my name tag slammed it on the counter and walked out. I never went back for any reason. For any who might wonder; my dad came out fine was in the hospital for a few days.


… I tell the guy showing me the work that there were cockroaches and he just shrugged… This was all in the backstore, customers were about 10 feet away.

So I tell the guy that I’m not feeling too well after about an hour of doing that and i head to the bathroom.

When I came out I told him I couldn’t do that job and he told me to get a real job then, so I left and got myself a proper job.

Tldr: cockroaches


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