Photos Of People Who Met Their Ill Fate Short After (38 pics)

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Volcanologist studying Mount St. Helens 13 hours before the volcano's blast killed him. David Johnson was a 31 year old volcanologist who was the first to report the eruption of Mount St Helens in Washington in 1980. He was killed shortly after reporting the eruption despite being 6 miles away from the volcano. He was hit by a lateral blast, when a volcano erupts from it’s side rather that it’s summit.

Eighteen year old Jolee Callan went for a hike with her exboyfriend in the mountains of Alabama. Her boyfriend shot and killed her then threw her body over a cliff, after posting several photos of her on Instagram including this one. He turned himself in the same day, and insisted that the two had a suicide pact that he was unable to complete after killing Jolee. Her family disagrees. He was sentenced to 52 years in prison.

Journalist Kim Wall boards the submarine of Peter Madsen. Madsen would later kill and dismember Wall on board the submarine. Wall was writing a story about the submarine Madsen had built. During a journey together, Madsen murdered Wall, dismembered her, and sank her body parts at sea before being rescued from his sinking sub, which authorities believe he purposely sank.

Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon took this selfie while on a hike in Panama from which they never returned. The two Dutch tourists were visiting Panama and were supposed to go on a hike in the jungle with a tour guide, but for some reason, the girls decided to go by themselves a day early. They never returned from the hike. A backpack containing their clothes, a passport, their cell phones, and a camera was recovered several weeks after they disappeared. The camera contained 90 disturbing shots taken in the middle of the night, most of them were just black, but among the photos there was one of the girls’ belongings spread out on a rock, a strange piece of fabric or paper hung from a tree, and a photo of one of the back of one of the girls’ head with what appeared to be blood. Even more disturbing, the girls’ cell phones showed that they tried to call emergency services for 11 days before their cell phones ran out of batteries. Some of their bones were eventually discovered in the jungle, but nobody knows what happened to the girls or how they died.

Seconds after taking this selfie, these teenage girls were hit and killed by the train in the background. Essa, Kelsea, and Savannah were taking photos on a railroad track when they heard a train approaching. They got out of the way, but didn’t realize there was another train approaching from the opposite direction. The train operator saw the girls and tried to signal to them to get off the tracks, but couldn’t stop in time.

Two friends posted this selfie on Facebook. Later that night the girl on the left strangled her friend with the belt she is wearing in the photo. Cheyenne Antoine claims she has no memory of strangling her friend Brittney Gargol after a night of heavy drinking. However, Gargol’s body was found next to the belt Antoine is wearing in this photo. Antoine pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Minutes after this photo was taken, this Vietnamese woman and her children were killed by US soldiers in the My Lai Massacre. Between 347 and 504 unarmed Vietnamese civilians were killed by US soldiers in South Vietnam on March 16, 1968 in the My Lai Massacre during the Vietnam War. The soldiers shot women, children, pets, and livestock during the massacre. Only one soldier was ever convicted for the horrific war crime.

Rolf Bae and Cecilie Skog kiss before attempting to summit K2. Rolf Bae was killed later that day in an avalanche. The Norwegian mountaineers were attempting to climb K2, the second highest mountain after Everest, when an avalanche swept Bae off the mountain. K2 is the second most dangerous mountain to climb after Annapurna. About one out of every four people who attempt K2 end up dying during the climb.

Serial killer took this photo of his victim Regina Kay Walters moments before her death. Regina Kay Walters, a 14 year old girl from Illinois, was killed by serial killer Robert Ben Rhoades, known as The Truck Stop Killer. It is believed he murdered and raped over 50 women before being convicted. Rhoades kidnapped Walters and her boyfriend, Ricky Lee Jones. He killed Jones right away, but it is believed he kept Walters for several weeks before killing her in an abandoned barn.

Buddy Holly, J.P. Richardson, and Ritchie Valens pose for a photo before boarding a plane that would crash into a field in Iowa. The musicians were traveling together for a tour and chartered the plane to get from Clear Lake, Iowa to Moorhead, Minnesota. The plane hit bad weather and went down, killing the three musicians and the pilot, Roger Peterson. The event became known as “The Day the Music Died.”

Man on the last day of his life before dying of cancer.Photographer took a series of photos of her father during the last weeks of his life. This photo shows him on his last day.

Joseph Kennedy Jr, JFK's older brother, poses for a photo before dying in combat later that day. United States Navy lieutenant, Kennedy died during World War II. He was the oldest of the Kennedy children.

Cherise Perrywinkle, 8, is led out of a Walmart by her murderer. Cherise Perrywinkle was shopping with her family in a Dollar General when a man, Donald James Smith, approached them and offered to buy them clothes. The family went with him to Walmart, where he then offered to take Cherise to a McDonalds to get a hamburger but instead abducted and murdered her. Her body was recovered shortly after.

This photo was found on the cell phone of a hiker whose body was recovered from a cliff ledge. The hiker had disappeared while hiking Yosemite. His body was found about a month later. It was believed he fell off a cliff.

A stowaway falls from the wheel well of a plane in this photograph from the 1970s. A 14-year-old Australian boy named Keith Sapsforth tried to stowaway in a flight bound for Japan. He fell from the plane shortly after takeoff. Stowaways are rare but do happen occasionally. In 2010 a 16-year-old boy tried to stowaway in the wheel well of a plane headed from Charlotte to Boston and was ejected over Massachusetts. Stowing away in a wheel well is incredibly dangerous. Not only are you not safely secured to a plane that can go over 500 miles per hour, a plane’s wheel well is not pressurized and can reach temperatures of -50 degrees F. However, people have made the journey and gotten off the plane alive. In 2014 a 15-year-old boy flew from California to Hawaii, a 5 and a half hour flight, in the wheel well of the plane and survived.

Turkish grandmother proudly shows off a meal she cooked, before having a heart attack. Her family called an ambulance only nine minutes after taking this photo.

Singer and actress Jenni Rivera and her staff board a plane at Monterrey International Airport. Their small jet crashed, killing everyone on board. The cause of the crash is still unknown.

Sydney Loofe posted this image to social media before being strangled on a Tinder date. The man who killed her, Aubrey Trail, claims the death was an accident that happened during a five-way sexual encounter gone wrong

Tuqa Razzo, 21, the night before she was killed in a US airstrike that demolished her home in Mosul, Iraq. The night before she died, her family hosted a party at her house. She lit a sparkler indoors and her father scolded her and told her to go outside, it was dangerous to have a sparkler in the house. That night, their house was hit by a US airstrike. Tuqa, her mother, aunt, uncle and cousin were killed. Only her father survived.

Shannon Nunez took this photo before jumping from a cliff. Nunez was not trying to commit suicide. She was in Hawaii at a spot popular for cliff-diving. After jumping off this cliff, she got caught in the current and drowned.

Baseball star Roy Halladay posted this photo to Twitter just a few hours before his death. Halladay had just purchased a plane and took it out for a flight over the Gulf of Mexico. He was the only person in the plane when it crashed, killing him. The Phillies and the Blue Jays, baseball teams for which he played, retired his jersey numbers in his honor.

Christina Grimmie giving her last performance before she was murdered. On June 10, 2016 Christina Grimmie, singer and former competitor on The Voice was shot and killed by a fan during an autograph signing after one of her concerts. The fan took a taxi from St. Petersburg to Orlando armed with two handguns and a hunting knife. Grimmie’s brother tackled the man, but he soon shot and killed himself. He did not know Grimmie.

Two engineers stand on a burning windmill. In the Netherlands, two engineers were performing maintenance on a wind turbine when it caught fire. Their only escape route became blocked. One worker jumped off the turbine, the other burned to death.

Anne Faber sent this selfie to her boyfriend only a few minutes before being abducted and murdered. Anne was out on a bike ride by herself when she got caught in the rain. She sent a selfie to her boyfriend to show him. Her body was found two weeks later in the woods.

Shortly after this group shot was taken, the boy in the red shirt was killed on a hike by a falling rock. The group was hiking when a rock fell from a mountain above and struck him in the head.

In this photo, a boy is seen drowning in the background. A young boy drowned while on a class trip. The boys in the front didn’t notice him drowning while taking a selfie. Drowning can be very quiet and easy to miss, unlike what you see on TV.

A photo of a teenage boy in a swimming pool. Moments later, he died due to shallow water blackout.Shallow water blackout can occur when someone stays underwater too long. Their brain loses oxygen, causing them to pass out underwater and drown. This normally happens when someone is holding their breath underwater for a long time, such as during a swimming race or while playing breath-holding games in a pool. This cause of death can happen to very accomplished swimmers.

Couple posts a photograph at the Route 91 Harvest musical festival in Las Vegas right before a gunman killed 58 people. Denise Burditus died on the scene in the arms of her husband

Snowboarder Marco Siffredi beginning his descent down Everest on a snowboard. He was never seen again. In 2001 Marco Siffredi was the first person to snowboard down Everest. Siffredi’s plan was to snowboard down via the Hornbein Couloir, however when he reached the top of Everest he found that there was not enough snow to take the Hornbein Couloir route so instead me made the descent via the Norton Couloir. He survived. But Siffredi still wanted to make the descent down the Hornbein Couloir so he tried again the next year, this time in the fall when there would be more snow. Siffredi and the Sherpas he climbed with made it to the summit, but Siffredi was exhausted and possibly confused due to lack of oxygen. He took off on his board down the Hornbein Couloir, but that was the last anyone saw of him. His body was never recovered.

A photo of Tupac Shakur before he was shot and killed. Tupac was shot and killed in a drive by shooting in Las Vegas in 1996.

Man runs into a burning effigy at Burning Man. Aaron Joel Mitchell ran into the burning structure during the Burning Man festival in 2017. It is unclear why he did this. He did not have alcohol or drugs in his system, according to toxicology reports.

MMA fighter Rondel Da'twaun Clark performs a weight cut that will result in his death. He died from severe dehydration and kidney failure after trying to cut weight for a fight.

Woman gives a thumbs up before going into a surgery from which she did not wake up. The woman was admitted for Glioblastoma surgery after complaining of a headache. She did not survive.

Climber posted this photo to Instagram before falling to his death. A 17 year old climber fell 1,000 feet to his death while attempting to climb Flatiron in Boulder, CO. He did not have any climbing equipment with him.

A few minutes after this photo was taken, the blonde woman fell off and was run over by this float. Shelly Dickson jumped off the float to retrieve a beaded necklace and was accidentally run over. She died that night in the hospital.

Paul Walker gets into the car that he will crash. Paul Walker and Roger Rodas were killed in 2013 in a single vehicle crash when their car skidded off the road and into a concrete lamppost.

A teenage boy posed on a soccer field where a few minutes later he will be crushed by a goalpost. Garret Miller was doing chin ups on the crossbar of a goalpost when it toppled over and hit him in the head, killing him.

A fire truck rushing to the scene of 9/11. All of six the firemen in Ladder 118 died saving people in the World Trade Center.


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