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These Girlfriends Know That Laughter Is The Most Important Thing In Relationships (24 pics)

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“Best average” present from a girlfriend

“My girlfriend dressed as me for my birthday party.” The solution every girlfriend can use if her boyfriend has a party that only guys are invited to.

When your girlfriend is definitely a keeper:

When your girlfriend is an impulsive shopper:

A gift made by my girlfriend. Mornings will be tolerable from now on.

Girls always know what they want.

“I made brownies to impress my girlfriend. That’s the piece she chose.”

“Woke up to this this morning. I think I’d better not mess with my girlfriend.”

When your girlfriend is wearing your new T-shirt to show you how much she hates it:

“My girlfriend gave me a jar with 101 things she loves about me. This one’s my favorite.”

“My girlfriend asked me to delete this photo of her...whoops.”

“This is a Game of Thrones cake made by my girlfriend.”

That’s totally a gift to frighten away all the other girls around.

This is what happens when your girlfriend wakes up before you. She replaces herself with a dog. I was a little bit confused for a second.

Creative way to thank your boyfriend

“My girlfriend often falls asleep during movie nights. This time, I got bored and decided to have some fun.”

“My girlfriend enjoying popcorn in the bath to try to win a year’s supply of popcorn.”

“My girlfriend is definitely the worst impulse buyer, but look at how happy she is.”

Tips for a happy marriage

Looks like she wanted to prepare a dessert.

Not to miss a word.

A surprise for her boyfriend who is finally coming home.

“This is what I got when I asked my girlfriend to prepare a country style breakfast.”

When you want to check if your boyfriend is really home:

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