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Hotels Always Try To Deceive People With Their Attractive But Unrealistic Photos (28 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Travel   20 Mar 2018   / 5962 views

FANTASY: Evian-like water and white sand as far as the eye can see.

Note: The Sandals Carlyle Inn has removed this photo from their site, though there are some similarly misleading ones still present.


REALITY: A roadside patch of sand.

FANTASY: Having a super serene stay at this secluded beach at the La Plage resort in Sicily.

REALITY: Sharing it with half the town and lying on rocks.

FANTASY: Taking a nighttime dip at the Los Angeles Sofitel.

REALITY: Basking in the shadow of a Macy's.

FANTASY: Having a pool that's empty save for beautiful women at the Crown Reef at Myrtle Beach.

REALITY: Kids. Everywhere.

FANTASY: Getting the perfect Instagram shot of the Amata Resort's infinity pool, where there's nothing between you and the roofs of Phuket.

REALITY: Getting said Instagram shot ruined by a metal fence.

FANTASY: Chilling at the Delfino Beach Hotel's private beach in Sicily, blissfully devoid of other people.

REALITY: Feeling like a sardine.

FANTASY: Sleeping like a baby in a giant, plush bed at Hotel Athena in Tuscany.

REALITY: Falling through the giant crack between two twin beds that were shoved together.

FANTASY: Swimming laps at the Inn at Seaside in Oregon.

REALITY: Stewing in a pool that's hardly bigger than a hot tub.

FANTASY: Relaxing in this plush, swanky suite at the Centrale Palace Hotel after a day of lugging that Birkin bag around Palermo.

REALITY: Wanting to spend as little time as possible in this bare, mostly empty room.

FANTASY: Engaging in a romantic nighttime swim in the indoor pool at the Norfolk Royale in Dorset, England.

REALITY: Slipping over mildewed tiles and toward a non-functioning hot tub.

Fantasy: Cooling off in a serene, palm-fringed pool at Hostel El Corazon in Cancun.

REALITY: Getting depressed by its crumbling walls.

FANTASY: Having drinks in the shadow of Athens' famous Acropolis at the AVA Hotel Athens.

REALITY: Squinting to see the Acropolis in the distance.

FANTASY: Staying fit while on the road thanks to a well-equipped gym.

REALITY: Having to fight over one of the two treadmills the gym has to offer.

FANTASY: Learning to play tennis like a pro thanks to this smiling instructor at Samsara Cliff Resort & Spa in Jamaica.

REALITY: Realizing why they didn't show the actual tennis court.

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