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First Time Is Always The Sweetest (40 pics)

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“My blind friend’s first time holding a cat”

Years ago my great-grandmother made a promise that she would ride her first motorcycle on her 100th birthday. That day has come:

We forgot to tell our cat that we had a baby.

These kids in China have never seen red hair before and asked to touch it.

This guy is using his new vacuum the first time.

“My niece meets a dog for the first time.”

Put my inside cat outside and walked out to this five minutes later.

First snow

Poor dog’s terrifying first train ride.

This grandma took her first selfie!

My aunt took her indoor cat outside for the first time.

First Birthday cake

His first taste of peanut butter... and he’s addicted!

First time using chopsticks

What are those things?

“Get on the ride,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said.

First time swinging.

Who remembers the first time they took their parents to a Japanese restaurant?

2-week-old foster kitten meeting the sun for the first time.

“My daughter’s reaction to seeing a ballerina for the first time.”

“My rat trying watermelon for the first time...”

“The very first time my daughter dressed herself.”

This dog tries a lime for the first time.

Meeting Santa for the first time

First time she went outside. The grass is lava.

This warrior stood up straight for the first time yesterday.

Meeting his new sister for the first time.

First time without the wheelchair!

Cat seeing a Christmas tree for the first time.

The little darling was born blind, two cornea transplants let him drive his car. He couldn’t get off of it...

First time outside.

This deployed soldier has never seen his daughter before:

Little kittens can be very scary.

First time visiting the Grand Canyon and this happened:

First snow day.

Mom got her first windowed oven.

The first time the family plays backyard football

“This is my grandma firing a gun for the first time in her life. Enjoying it as much as she did.”

First time at the vet.

96-year-old grandma playing VR for the first time

Credits: brightside.me

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