When The Most Dangerous Weapon Your Neighbors Have Is Passive Aggression (40 pics)

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Our New Neighbors Are Bigots. Since Regular Aggression Leads To Assault Charges, I Went With Passive-Aggression. 10,000 Lights Later

My Neighbors Complained That It's Too Cold For My Dog To Be Outside All Day During The Winter. I Sent Them This

An Open Letter To My Garbage Neighbors

Left My Printer Without A Passcode. My Neighbors Sent Me A Message

The HOA In My Friend’s Neighborhood Recently Threatened Her Neighbors With A Fine If They Didn’t Hide Their Trash Cans, Even Though They’ve Been In The Same Spot For Over A Decade. This Is Their Solution

And Here You Thought Your Neighbors Were A**holes For Dumping Your Dry Laundry On A Table

Can't Beat A Bit Of Passive-Aggressive Wi-Fi Naming

Decided To Use Reverse Psychology On The New Neighbors

My Sister And Her Husband Live In A Small Town, They Came Home To This Note On Their Door

When You Receive A Complaint From Your Neighbors, It's Important That You Do Your Best To Resolve It

One Of My Neighbors Put This Sign Up. Bravo!

Our Elderly Neighbors Have This Sign Posted On The Bike Path In Their Backyard

Google Maps Level Neighbor Feud

There Are Some Indications Of Animosity Between Two Of My Neighbours

It’s My Spot And I’ll Park What I Want To

My Neighbor Got His Reindeer Decorations Stolen So They Put Out Grinch Ones Instead

Passive-Aggressive Neighbors At Their Finest

Trash Trompe-L'œil - Neighbor Anonymously Reported Us To The City Because Our Trash Cans Were Not Behind A Barrier. Now They Are

The Sign Posted In Our Yard In The Fight Against Unwanted Dog Poop

My Friend Just Moved Into A New Apartment And Left This Note On Her Neighbor's Doorstep

How My Dad Deals With His Asshole Neighbor Who Checks With The City Whenever Anyone Does Any Work On Their Property

My Neighbour's Kid Is Always Playing In My Yard And Leaving His Toys. When He Left Two Broomsticks, I Left This In His Yard As A Warning. And Yes, It Is Still Winter In Canada

Think This Will Solve The Problem?

Does Your Cat Have A Death Wish?

My Friend's Neighbor Knows When To Accept Defeat

My Neighbors Are Always Sticking Their Butts Where They Don’t Belong

Hey Neighbour, Happy New Year!

Signed, Patient Neighbor Who Is No Longer Patient

That'll Teach Me To Park In My Neighbor's Parking Spot

Saw This On A Neighbors Door Coming Home At Midnight

Fyi From Your Neighbors Across The Way

Our Neighbor Likes To Turn On Flood Lights That Beam Through Our Windows At Night. My Dad Hates Him So Much That He's Installing One Way Mirrors Facing His House So They Bounce It Back, And Retain The Darkness Inside Our House

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