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Companies Can Go Very Low To Get Some Extra Profit Out Of Us (45 pics)

Posted in Funny » Fail   25 Apr 2018   / 3657 views

I Was Wondering Why I Seem To Go Through Deodorant So Fast. This Is Brand New, Never Been Used (Labels Removed)

Just As I Suspected At Starbucks - At Every Place I've Worked, All Have Said They Recycle. None Do

Quaker Oatmeal Advertises 35% Less Sugar, But In Reality They're Just Selling 35% Smaller Portions - But For The Same Price

This Balloon

Fake Hair To Make You Swipe Up

These Smoothie Packets. Easy To Make, Just Add The Entire Smoothie

Seriously? Contradictory At Its Finest

If You Think You Can Read It From The Top Shelf, You're Wrong

This Is Next Level

Cold Beer

Wow, That’s A Good Deal! Oh...

I Was Misled

Make Up Your Mind Tide

Bought Some “Floam” Like Substance For My Daughter For $5. Just Wow. She Cried

Family Friend Hired Spongebob For A Birthday Party. On The Left - What Was Promised, On The Right - What Appeared (A Man Covered In Sponges)

Oh, Thanks! Wait... What?

The "Cancel Uninstalation" Button Is In Green

Inside The Package Of A Drone My Parents Got Me For Christmas

"You're Gonna Pay For That Free Coffee, Aren't You?"


Advertising Masked As A Parking Ticket In A Parking Garage

The Nazi "Nudge" Ballot. The Large "Ja" Circle Indicates A Vote To Keep Hitler In Power, The Small "Nein" Is A Vote Against

This Ad I Almost Clicked On To Answer A Call

The Color Of "Up To" Makes It Almost Impossible To See From A Distance, Especially With Glare. Thanks, Old Navy

One Cent, 6.95 Shipping. Almost Got Tricked With This One

The Amazing Spider-man

Mildly Disappointed, But Very Amused

Expectations VS Reality

You Have To Click "No" To Continue The Uninstall

Disguising Ads As System Warnings In The Operating System Is Truly A**hole Design

It's Illegal Not To Have A Link No? Let's Write It In White

Only A Little Misleading


Buying A Solid Milk Chocolate Stanley Cup? Surely You Only Expected Half Of One

Includes A "Private Balcony." Is Just A View Of The Wall Of The Next Building

This Website Fakes A Chrome Error To Convince You To Disable Your Ad Blocker

How To Lie With Graphs. And Edge Is Still Worse Than The Competition, Even If The Numbers Were True And Their Tests Reproducible

Websites Straight Up Lying To Get Clicks

This Is Not At All What I Had In Mind When I Bought This Balloon Ball

This Had My Heart Racing, Only To Find Out It Was A Meditation Advertisement

Thanks, I Feel So Special And Cozy Now

Daughter Brought An Emoji Marshmallow Lollipop Thing Back From Mexico

This USB Flash Drive Name Makes It Seem It Has 100 GB Of Memory

This Game's Developer Name Is Trying To Fake The Rating System

Fake Features


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