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Women Have Some Wild Porn Preferences! (12 pics)

Posted in NSFW   2 May 2018   / 4062 views

“Amateur everything. I hate fake orgasms and over the top moaning and that weird ugly hissing thing porn stars do, like when Peter Griffin hurts his knee. That’s not sexy. What even is that? I much rather real people getting off. Man, woman, gay, straight. Don’t care. Orgasms turn me on.”


“Bondage, and forced orgasm. There’s this video of a woman straddling this heavy duty vibrating machine and she has orgasm after orgasm and passes out. I’ve also googled gang bang. Nothing I’d want to participate in but it makes me horny to look at”


“Honestly, I like to watch women masturbating. But it’s not because I’m attracted to women- it’s because I’m imagining what it would be like to be that woman, and have tons of guys rubbing one out to me doing dirty things to myself. Never is there any desire for the woman involved. It’s all me putting myself in their shoes.”

“I’m really picky. I spend sometimes up to an hour browsing for the perfect video. I need them both to be attractive and she should be younger than him. They both need to be well endowed but if she looks like she got her b**b job in a third world country for $40 and a blowjob, I’m on to the next video. I need him to go down on her before really pounding her hard, and that’s it. I like scenarios like babysitter, teacher/student, boss/secretary, etc.”


“It seems like a lot of women watch lesbian p*rn. I’m a woman and I’ve NEVER gotten off to it. it does nothing for me. I’m all about seeing women getting dominated by a d*ck. It’s all about that wang. I like watching those Public agent videos for some reason too.”



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